{Favorite Things} Sticker Picture Frames

We created an art wall down one of our hallways using sticker picture frames 

The kids drew adorable colored pencil drawings that we cut to fit inside the frames.  Then they stuck them on the wall, framed by the sticker.  Now I have an interchangeable kid-created art gallery that decorates an entire hallway!  Curly is the curator and she helps them cut and stick their art on the walls.  I walk down the hallway and am always pleasantly surprised to see the new artwork found there.

They love changing out their pictures and choosing a fun frame for their art!  And I love the colorful display that they created all by themselves!

Here are a few other fun options:
Clothespins and stickers
Multicolored frames
Black and White Frame Kit
Colorful Art Frames
Sticker Bliss Frames

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