{Day in the Life} My No Good, Horrible, Really Bad Homeschool Day

I’m sitting here in jammies on my bed at 7 PM eating some cheesecake ice cream behind a locked door.  My hubby is out there somewhere on the other side of that door.  He’s courageously trying to bathe all the kids, clean up the kitchen, do a load of laundry, and put all the kids to bed (after reading them bedtime stories of course!).  I am hiding.  I refuse to come out!  (Actually, he graciously gave me the night off and told me to get some rest).  So, I’m in here with my ice cream thinking back on my really rotten homeschool day.  I thought I’d share it with you.  You might want to grab your own pint of ice cream.

My morning started off with me over-sleeping.  I got up about 5:45 AM.  I usually aim for closer to 5:15…  I threw on a hoodie over my jammies, grabbed a protein shake and a water, and rushed upstairs.  I plugged in my essential oil diffuser and added a few drops of a bright, citrus-y scent called “Joy.”  Ohhh that is so ironic!  The scent would later mock me!  Then I woke up Curly and we started right in.

As I tried to teach I quickly discovered that I was in the process of losing my voice.  I sounded like a bullfrog being drug through gravel with the lovely occasional squeaking and cracking of a pre-teen boy.  It was wonderfully fun!

Ladybug thought she would wake up at 6:15 because she’s a little early bird.  I usually give her the iPad to watch a show while we finish school.  The iPad would not work.  I then plugged in a small TV with DVD player for her to watch.  The remote wouldn’t work.  I ran downstairs to get batteries.  We were out.  She’s on the floor shrieking and waking the whole house.  I handed her my computer and all the “plug ins” crash and videos will not play.  Tiger and Bee came out to investigate the noise.  I finally got the computer to play a movie and sent them to another room so I could finish school with Curly.

Curly was having a terrible time concentrating and was not doing well in math or in spelling.  We moved on to grammar and I realized that I’ve forgotten to print out the next few lessons for her.  I tried to print and realized that the printer was out of paper.

The other kids kept appearing with my computer to tell me that “it’s black but still making noise.”  My computer goes to sleep every 10 minutes even if I’m watching a movie on it.  And because I try to be one step ahead of my little people, it has a password they can not crack.  So every 10 minutes I unlocked the computer so they could see their movie.  I would totally change this “going to sleep” habit of my computer.  If only I knew how!

We made it to breakfast time and little Punkin refused to eat.  She threw all her food on the floor which had just been mopped the night before.  It’s rare that my house is mopped.  Now I’m reminded why I don’t usually bother.  I finally coaxed her to eat cereal while the other kids ran upstairs to brush teeth and fight over the toothpaste.

By the time I get upstairs Ladybug is at the art table ready for our “school” time.  However, she jumped the gun a little bit and has opened all the various colors of finger paint and squirted them onto a paper plate and she’s painting away all over some cardstock (that is for a different project), the table, and herself.  What a huge mess!

During Tiger’s school time he argued with me about every. single. thing.  I tried to be patient and I even gave him options but he refused to choose which subject to complete first.  Then when I made the choice he threw himself on the floor screaming, “But that’s not what I wanted to choose!!!”  Oh my goodness.  We barely survive school time.

In the background the girls were fighting with each other and Punkin and Ladybug were both screaming.  They couldn’t hear my whisper of a voice over their racket so I think of a plan.  I ran downstairs for the little bejeweled bell that my mom gave me and I pounded away on it.  It got their attention so I could calm everyone.  I walked around with my green sparkly bell for the rest of the day, just dinging away every time the noise was out of control.  My kids thought I was truly crazy as I’d thrust a bell into the midst of their arguments and ding it until they quieted down.  At least it worked!

Bee spent her school time interrupting me by asking random questions.  “Why do we hide eggs on Easter?”  “What does a pirate flag look like?”  “Where do detectives live?”  “Are there any mysteries in this house?”  Please make it stop!

By lunch time I was feeling the affects of whatever sickness had robbed me of my voice.  I made lunch after dropping parts of it on the floor because I was suddenly lethargic and exhausted.  The kids tromped downstairs in a loud chorus of coughing.  Awesome!  Everyone was sick!  I fed them and then gave out cough medicine and some extra vitamin C.  I put Punkin to bed and Curly supervised Ladybug as she walked on the treadmill (at a snail’s pace, but whatever, it will eventually wear her out!).

I went upstairs to do history with Bee and Tiger and noticed that Bee was having an allergic reaction.  Her face and neck were broken out in hives and her lips were swollen.  Now I was in total panic mode.  I washed her face, gave her meds, and used her inhaler.  I grabbed our stethoscope (yes – this allergy mom keeps that handy to listen for wheezing).  Thankfully she was breathing well but she was very red.  I spent the next hour monitoring her, tearfully calling my husband, and trying to keep everyone else calm.

Finally Bee was doing better and I tried to move on with Plan B.  I tossed out history, Bible, and Spanish and put Bee on the couch with Curly who read to her.  I gave Tiger the job of picking up his room because, WOW!, I noticed the disaster area it had become as I walked by.  I then put a very, very fussy Ladybug down for her nap after reading some books.  Bee fell asleep so we put her to bed to rest after her scary reaction.  Curly then read to Tiger and I grabbed some blankets and curled up in my bed to pretend like the day was almost over.

By the time Daddy came home, everyone was awake.  Punkin was definitely sick with a cold and a bad cough.  I had diagnosed Ladybug with a bad cold and a cough.  I’d pegged Bee with an ear infection and something else very icky that was making her run a fever – on top of how rotten she felt after her reaction.  Curly was coughing and sneezing her head off.  I guessed allergies to be the cause.  And Tiger was bouncing off the walls.  At that point my sweet hubby made some dinner for the crazy crew and after I helped him get things a little more under control, he sent me off to bed to try to recover from our very long, terrible, no good, rotten, really awful, bad, bad day.

And it’s back to school tomorrow!  Isn’t this fun????

Who else has had a day (or days, many days) like this??

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5 thoughts on “{Day in the Life} My No Good, Horrible, Really Bad Homeschool Day

  1. No it is NOT fun and I am so sorry, but I have to admit that it is noce to know I am not alone. SOme days are just like that! Praying your week gets better and your kiddos are healthy soon. HUGS!!

  2. Thank you! Yes, it is nice to know that we all have really difficult days. Homeschooling is a challenge and I don't ever want people to think I "have it all together" all the time. Nope! We sometimes fall apart!

  3. I am so sorry! I had a horrible, no good day yesterday. It was my fabulously strong willed toddler that finally wore me down…I love that girl. I finished the day off with two hard ciders after hubby came home and the kids were in bed…don't judge me 🙂

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