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We love the Gooney Bird Greene series by Lois Lowery.  Gooney Bird is a precocious, creative, and wacky girl who tells absolutely true stories and comes up with imaginative learning ideas that inspire her entire class.  My kids love hearing about her crazy outfits complete with mismatched socks.  And we’ve loved the stories she tells that seem like exaggerations but in the end are true stories with a twist.

In later books, Gooney Bird learns about US geography, putting on a Thanksgiving pageant, writing poetry, and the art of writing fables.  The series takes you through an entire year of Gooney Bird’s second grade as the students complete projects and celebrate the different holidays.

2 thoughts on “{Book Nook} Gooney Bird Greene

  1. Lexi,

    I discovered Gooney Bird Greene a few years ago and from there my daughter fell in love and enjoyed reading all of the books in the series. We are Lois Lowry fans and my children have moved into reading some of her books for older children. My daughter is currently reading Number the Stars and my son is reading The Giver. Lowry is a talented writer with her ability to write for a wide age range of children.

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