Easter Decorations and Art

We had lots of fun decorating our house for Easter this year.  Here are a few fun and simple crafts!

Marbled Egg Art

You need:
shaving cream (the old fashioned foamy kind)
white cardstock cut into egg shapes
colored tempera paint
cookie sheet
plastic forks and knives

We squirted shaving cream onto a cookie sheet and then dripped different colored paint onto the shaving cream.  Then my kids took turns swirling the paint with plastic forks (don’t overmix or you’ll end up with an ugly shade of brown!!).  We gently laid our white cardstock eggs on top of the shaving cream and pressed down.  Then we lifted them gently and laid them flat.  After a few minutes we used the back of a knife to scrape of the excess shaving cream.  We were left with beautiful marbled eggs!

Three Dimensional Eggs

You need:
cardstock cut into egg shapes (exactly the same size)
strips of colored paper
string or yarn

I gave each child 3 egg templates.  We folded each in half lengthwise and glued the sides together to make a 3-D egg.  Then they folded colored paper like an accordion.  They glued the ends of each strip on their egg, gluing strips to all three sides.  Then we threaded them through with yarn and hung them from the upstairs loft.

Spaghetti Easter Grass Art

You need:
dry spaghetti noodles
colored cardstock cut into egg shapes
green food coloring
rubbing alcohol
large ziploc bag
blue construction paper

I broke the spaghetti noodles in half and placed them in the large ziploc.  Then I added green food coloring and several teaspoons of rubbing alcohol.  We turned the back over multiple times to coat all the noodles with color.  Then we laid them out on paper towels to dry.  We glued our eggs on the blue background.  Once the noodles were dry we lined the bottom half of our paper with glue and laid on our grass.

Bubble Wrap Stamp Eggs

You need:
bubble wrap (we used the kind with the very small bubbles)
white cardstock cut into egg shapes
tempera paint
large brushes

I cut the bubble wrap into small squares for each child.  Then they painted their square with different colors.  They stamped their eggs in different color patterns.

Egg Collage Art

You need:
strips of colored paper (I used scrapbook paper)
white cardstock in egg shape

I cut scrapbook paper into one inch strips using my paper cutter.  Then the kids chose their colors and made a collage on their cardstock egg (the paper will hang over the edge of their egg).  Once they were dry I cut off the extra paper so the eggs would have smooth edges. 

Woven Easter Egg Art

You need:
egg shapes out of heavy paper (I used scrapbook paper)
strips of colored paper

I cut out my egg shapes and then made a horizontal line across the middle of the back.  I then made marks at every half inch on that line.  Using the ruler I made vertical lines at every half inch mark.  I then cut from the bottom of the egg to just before the middle dividing line, following my guidelines.  Then I turned the egg upside-down and cut from the top toward the middle line, stopping just short of that line.  Then I had my fringed egg.  The kids wove their paper strips through the egg and I taped the edges.  Once they were done I cut off any excess paper strips and reinforced the taped strips across the back of the eggs.  

Bunny Silhouette Art

You need:
paint chips
black construction paper
bunny template
small egg shaped template

I cut out pastel paint chips in the shape of a small egg.  The kids made a collage with their paint chip eggs on a cardstock background.  Then we glued a black bunny in the middle and made a border around the picture using strips of black construction paper. 

Happy decorating!!

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7 thoughts on “Easter Decorations and Art

  1. Oooo I love these ideas. Thank you so much for sharing. Wow 🙂 Definately pinning and sharing this so much goodness in one post!
    I will be featuring this post in this weeks Virtual Fridge hop.

  2. Thank you! How exciting to be featured! My kids had so much fun doing the projects and our house feels so festive right now. I was excited that they all turned out wonderfully! (And they were fairly easy!!)

  3. Wow, these are all so pretty! What lovely decorations. I especially love the marbled eggs and the egg collage art. I have never thought of using spaghetti to make grass before, what a wonderful idea. Thank you for stopping by and sharing on the Hopping Along to Easter blog hop and for sharing the button. I think the children and I are going to have a blast making some Easter decorations.

  4. You're welcome! We had such fun making these and they turned out so beautifully! I loved that even my toddler could participate and her art looked as amazing as everyone else's did. That was fun for her! Hope you enjoy making them!

  5. What fantastic decorations. I love the shaving cream egg creation.
    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

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