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Are you motivated to do chores and keep up with your house?  Umm, I’m not usually.  I could always use some help in that department!  So I was thankful to review the Motivated Moms chore planner iOS app!

What is it?
Motivated Moms is a chore planner available in printable e-book form or in app form (for iPad/iPod or Android).  The planner helps you keep track of daily, weekly, and monthly chores to maintain an organized household.

The app has pre-loaded tasks that are already scheduled.  Some sample tasks are:
mop kitchen
wipe middle shelf of refrigerator
trim your child’s nails
clean out vehicles
change sheets
spend time on a craft
cut/sort/file coupons
replenish toilet paper in bathrooms
inventory refrigerator contents and plan meals around them
clean outdoor trashcan
clean light fixtures
clean dishwasher door

Some chores are daily chores that appear on your list every day.  Others rotate during the month and appear weekly, monthly, or less. 

Some sample daily chores are:
change dishcloth
clean kitchen sink
do laundry
make beds
quiet time
read to children

  • There is an optional Bible reading task that can be used in the app.  It schedules daily Bible readings for you in order to read through the Bible in one year. 
  • You have the option of hiding a task if it is not one that applies to you.  This means that the task will no longer show up in your daily to-do list.  
  • You can also add your own custom tasks and schedule the date on which they should appear on your list.  Or, if the task should be done more than once, you can schedule the task to repeat daily, every other day, on selected days, weekly, every two weeks, monthly, every month, in selected months, or yearly.  
  • Tasks can be assigned to specific people in your household as well.  You can choose a different color for each family member and then as you assign tasks to them, the task will be highlighted in their particular color so you can quickly and easily view who should complete each task.  When you view your daily list, you can sort it by the person who should complete each task so the jobs are grouped by person.
  • You can also set which room in which the task should be done.  This allows you to sort tasks by room when you are viewing your daily list. 
  • Once a task is complete you click on the check-box next to the item.  This immediately hides the item from the list.

How did I use it?
I downloaded my app and then checked to see my chores for the day.  I spent some time going through the chores for the week and hiding any chores that did not apply to me – such as the ones that had to do with pets and their care.

Then I assigned all the daily chores to people in my household – dishes went to Curly, trash duty went to Tiger, and kitchen counter clean up went to Bee.  I also assigned tasks for myself.

After reviewing the daily chores that were pre-loaded I added some of my own – sweep the kitchen, review blog calendar, and pick up homeschool room.

Next I scrolled through the tasks for the week and added any jobs that needed to be done on specific days that week.  I added things like going through certain drawers or organizing my nightstand – anything that was currently on my to-do list.  I scheduled them throughout the week.

Once I felt like I had my system set up, I started using my app daily and checking things off my list each day.

What did I think?
I love the idea of having a chore list that can be color-coded and portable.  The tasks are easy to view, easy to check off, and it is easy to code them by person or by room in the house.  I enjoyed these customizable features, especially the color coding by person.

I found it helpful when some of the more detailed tasks were already scheduled for me.  I am forever forgetting to refill toilet paper in the upstairs bathroom (until it’s an emergency situation) or clean and dust light fixtures (until a bulb burns out).  So, I loved that these tasks were already included and I had reminders to do them so that I always stayed on top of the jobs.

It is very easy to add your own task and then schedule how often you want it to appear in the calendar.  I liked that I could choose the frequency.  I also found it helpful that I could hide all the pre-programmed tasks that did not apply to me.  This allowed me to make the app fit my unique household.

As you sort chores, you can only sort them by room, by person doing the chore, or alphabetically.  You can also choose the “user sort” option and manually move tasks up or down until you have them listed in the order of your preference.  I sorted mine by time of day that I would be doing the daily chores.  This helped me quickly see what was next.  I really liked this feature!

One criticism I had was that I was not given a full list of all the chores included in the chore app.  So because I did not have an overview of all pre-programmed chores, I did not know which custom chores I should add because I wasn’t sure if they would appear sometime that month or the next.  I would have found it helpful to have a guide that listed all the chores in the app and their frequency.  This would have allowed me to customize the app quickly and easily rather than scrolling through all the days in one month to get an idea of what was scheduled.

I found that the app took quite some time to be able to fully personalize it.  Because I did not know how often pre-programmed chores were scheduled, I would add chores only to realize that they were already scheduled.  Then I would have to go back and delete one of them or change the frequency.  I’m still working to adjust the task lists and finding that I have duplicated tasks and need to edit them yet again.

You cannot edit the pre-programmed chores.  So if one task appears weekly and you want it to appear every other week, you have to hide that chore and create a new entry for that chore with the correct frequency.  While this is not overly time-consuming for a few chores here and there, I found it cumbersome when I was initially trying to adjust all the tasks as I was customizing the chore list.

My Wrap Up!
I think this product is on the right track to being a very helpful chore app.  I do feel that there are a few added modifications that would make it just that much better.  I think the app needs a master list of the chores that are included with their frequency.  Being able to see theoverall schedule would have helped me tremendously as I was setting up my custom tasks and I feel it would save time for other users during the set-up process.  I often felt the chores seemed random and I needed a more logical progression from week to week.  I was left wanting a few more details in order to fully customize this app – mostly the ability to “see” the bigger picture so I could add more tasks and sort the ones that were already in the app. 

If you’re willing to take the time to customize the app by adding all your own tasks while re-arranging the custom tasks to fit your family needs then you will have an easy to use to-do list to carry with you every day. 

More info…..
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The app is available for both Apple and Android products for $7.99 for one year.
You can also purchase a downloadable chore planner.
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