Me:  What are you doing Curly?
Curly:  I’m tessellating the floor with puzzle pieces!

Tiger:  Mom, I want to be a barbarian.  What is a good barbarian name?
Me:  Attila?
Tiger:  No, Mom, I don’t want to be a Hun.  I want to be one of those other ones…..
Curly:  Visigoths?  Goths?  Burgundians?  Allemani?  Franks?  Which one?
Tiger:  Who is Frank?

Bee:  I am the parent!
Me:  You are?  Can you do my laundry please?  And make me lunch?
Bee:  Nope!  I’m not the parent anymore.  You can do that!

Ladybug:  What for dinner?
Me:  Meat and rice.
Ladybug:  Yuck!  I no like that!  I not like meat!
Me:  I’m also making cookies for after dinner.  Those who eat dinner can have a cookie.
Ladybug:  Yum!!  I love meat!!!!
Me:  Thought so!

Me:  Who was the first President?
Bee:  George Washington!
Me:  What river did he cross when he was fighting the war?
Bee:  The Delicate River!
Me:  I don’t think it was very delicate…….close though!

Me:  Tiger, time to work on reading.  Read this word…..
Tiger:  No Mom!  I can’t!
Me:  Yes, you can sound it out!
Tiger:  No!  Reading words gives me nightmares!

Ladybug:  Mom, when Dad gets home we are going to Jesus’ house.
Me:  Ok!  Sounds fun!
Ladybug:  His house is very beautiful and He has blinds on all His windows!

Ladybug and Bee were fighting over a toy.  Ladybug ripped it away from Bee who started crying.  They came to me to help them settle their disagreement.
Bee:  Mom, Ladybug took that away from me!  She’s being so mean!  She’s so mean that I’m just going to be mean right back!
Me:  Ok, wait.  We need to be kind to others even when they are not kind to us.  So…….
Tiger interrupts:  Yeah Bee!  You know, love your enemies!!!!
Ohhh that wasn’t quite the Scripture I was aiming for! 

I love all of our little conversations!  Have you had any fun chats that made you smile lately?

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