February Fallout

Ask any homeschool mom and she’ll tell you that February is the most difficult month.  I don’t know what it is – the low after the holiday seasons, the cold weather, the longing for spring, the short, dark days.  When February rolls around I just want to give up!  At that point in our year the curriculum seems never-ending and I usually lose the will to go on.  So, since I know that February is so hard I try to plan ahead and prepare myself for the February Fallout that occurs each year.

Here’s our plan to battle the blues of February….

Our theme for February is All Things Made New. 

Since February is roughly halfway through our school year it’s time for some new supplies.  I plan to surprise the kids with new school pj’s, new art supplies, new colored paper, new craft ideas, new books, new stickers, and even some new curriculum (I admit that I’m probably the only one excited about adding in some new school-related things…).

We’re going to treat February a little bit like our back-to-school time in August.

We also have another fun surprise for February.  I bought all the kids paper mache mailboxes.  We’re going to decorate a mailbox for each person and place them throughout the house.

During the month of February I have fun little treats like stickers, erasers, and fun snacks to slip into their mailboxes secretly when they’re not looking.  I will also put notes of encouragement, Bible verses, and little valentines in their boxes.  I’m hoping this helps encourage all of us, and that the surprise of checking for mail gives them something to look forward to.

I also plan to give each child some cute cards to decorate and a few little surprises that they can secretly place in the mailboxes of their siblings throughout the month.  Everyone will get to give out surprise Valentine’s to each other for February. 

What could be more fun that secret Valentine’s for the month of February? 

How do you combat the February fallout as you try to push forward to spring?

2 thoughts on “February Fallout

  1. Hey Lexi, I haven't commented on your blog in a while but it's not because I haven't been on it! I just want to recognize your hard work. Your blog has gone from great to excellent! Your posts are right on. Book lists are my love language and you totally speak to me with those. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you investing the time to share your knowledge, wisdom and experiences with other Moms. It blesses me so!

  2. Thanks for your comment! I've cut back on the amount of posts to focus on content. But sometimes it's hard to come up with ideas for what to blog! And I'm glad my thought help someone!!

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