{Book Nook} Gooseberry Park

Curly and I discovered a wonderfully fun read this month.  I read Gooseberry Park by Cynthia Rylant as one of our read aloud books.  We laughed at this hilarious but very sweet story of friendship between some special animal characters.

The story is about Kona, a chocolate lab who lives with an elderly professor.  Kona has befriended a little squirrel in the park during his walks with the professor.  Stumpy, the squirrel, is about to be a mom and she and Kona are both excited, anxiously awaiting the baby squirrels.  Loyal Kona brings updates on Stumpy home to the hermit crab, Gwendolyn who is the professors other pet. 

One night not long after Stumpy’s babies are born, there is a terrible ice storm and her tree home in the park falls to the ground.  She leaves her babies in the care of her new friend, Murray, the absent-minded bat and goes in search of Kona.  Meanwhile Kona has gone to the park to check on Stumpy but only finds Murray with the 3 squirrel babies – and no Stumpy.  He rescues them and brings them back to the professor’s house, and then with the help of Gwendolyn the crab, he engineers a plan for Stumpy to find them.

Kona the lab demonstrates a sweet loyalty to his other animal friends while Murray the bat is the comical and crazy friend who means well but is often confused in his attempts to help. 

Curly loved the story of how Kona rescued the baby squirrels and was determined to reunite them with their mother, Stumpy.  She also laughed at the bat’s crazy attempts to find eggrolls or fly while holding his favorite snack, Oreo cookies. 

As a side note:  The book mentions that Gwendolyn the crab watches nature shows on TV with the professor and believes she has at one point in her life, been all of the animals she has learned about from the shows.  The book briefly mentioned reincarnation.  This is a theme from world religions that Curly and I had discussed previously and the topic in the book only warranted a brief discussion.  Curly mostly found it hilarious that Gwendolyn thought she was so many different animals that she had watched on TV so she did not take the topic in a serious way – only in humor. 

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