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Growing up my grandmother had a treasure hunt at her house every Christmas Eve.  We would all go to her house for dinner and Christmas presents.  For our last and biggest Christmas present I would open a box that contained my note with my first clue.  I would race around the house finding notes and clues until I finally found my last Christmas present.  

I always loved my treasure hunts and I’ve enjoyed setting up hunts for my kids.  They love the hunts but I’m not always very creative in planning them out.  I was excited to review Clued In Kids which has treasure hunts with clue cards already created for you!

What is it?

Clued In Kids is a treasure hunt that is already completed for you with clue cards.  You download the themed treasure hunt and print the clue pages which you cut in half so that you have separate clue cards.  Each card is numbered and has a space to write a child’s name at the top.  This is where you can write the name of the child who is assigned to complete that clue.  This minimizes arguing over clue cards if you have multiple children working on the hunt.  It also allows you to assign the more difficult clues to the older kids while leaving simpler clue cards for the younger kids.

Once the clue cards are ready you then hide them throughout the house based on the directions.  At the bottom of each card is a note to the hunt leader giving instructions for hiding the card.  The middle of the card contains the clue for the participants to decipher during the hunt.  The clues send the kids to various parts of the house such as the place where pj’s are kept, the dryer, or the drawer with spoons.  At each location they find a new clue and continue their hunt until they find their treasure at the end of the hunt.  The treasure can be anything you place in the last location such as stickers or any fun treat. 

These hunts can work for 1 child up to a group of about 10 children.  The hunts were designed for kids in elementary grades but my preschooler was able to tag along easily because her older sister helped her read the cards.

You can join the Clued In Kids site and receive 1 seasonal hunt each month – sent to you via email.  You can purchase a 3 month membership for $14.99, a 6 month membership for $25.99 or a full year membership for $44. 99. 
You can also purchase individual themed treasure hunts on the website for $5.99 each.

How did we use it?

I looked through the clue cards before each hunt and decided which child would complete each card based on the difficulty of the clue.  I then wrote their name at the top of each card.  Then I followed the numbered cards and hid them in the spot indicated at the bottom of the card (hurray for clear directions!).  Then I made sure that they had a fun treasure waiting at the end of their hunt.  I gave the kids their first clue and let them get started.  My husband and I sat back and watched them work through each clue and chase each other all over the house.  We helped them with a few clues – mostly the cards that contained math problems – but let them work on their hunt as independently as possible. 

What did we think?

My kids loved, loved, loved their treasure hunts.  There are a wide variety of clues in each hunt and they sent my kids all over our house looking for their next clue and finally their treasure.  They so enjoyed working on them together. 

I really enjoyed all the thought and detail of each clue.  There is a note telling you where to place each clue because let’s be honest, when you’re trying to put a treasure hunt together step-by-step you can get easily confused.  I loved that the directions were so clear so I could very quickly hide each clue card.  My other favorite aspect was the spot for the name at the top of the card.  I could choose which child would look for which clue so there would be no fighting over the clue cards.  Brilliant!

The activities work well for a wide age range of kids.  My kids (ages 8 and under) were able to complete many of the clue cards without help but did need some direction for a few.  Therefore, older children would still enjoy the hunts and find some of the clues challenging.  But younger kids can still participate and do some of the cards on their own. 

There is a large range of activities and puzzles on the cards.  Some of the clues have a hidden picture in them to find, some are mazes to complete, some are math problems to calculate, and some are various word puzzles.  Other clues give the kids directions such as going caroling to a neighbors house or putting your socks on your hands with your coat on backwards and then running to ring your own doorbell in your crazy outfit.  I thought there was a great variety. 

My husband and I enjoyed sitting on our couch watching our kids run up and down the stairs to work on their treasure hunt.  It was a wonderful family night that involved very little prep and planning on my part which is a huge win after a busy week!  We found these treasure hunts to be a wonderful family activity and my kids always begged for more.

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