{Guest Post} Typical High School Day

I asked my mom to write a post to share what my typical homeschool high school day looked like during my 10th – 12th grade years.

Is there a typical day, ever?  Is there a typical day in the life of the home-school family?  Probably not for the most part!

The typical day for us while homeschooling was to be together at the kitchen table by 8:30.  English was the usual first subject of the day, followed by Saxon Math, piano, history, then whatever coop class or private-teacher class came that day.  Physical education happened three days a week at the health club complex near our home, but exercise and movement happened many times throughout a day.  Outside activities should be especially important to home-school children, and are also vital for their teachers!  How amazing time in the fresh air can be for the pace of a school day.

Activities were part of our children’s lives, including horse-back riding, swimming, biking, and even paintballing.  We traveled together, both near and far, and we even incorporated time with family into home-schooling.  What knowledge certain family members could bestow with participating in activities together.

One simply wonderful benefit of home-schools is the flexibility aspect. If a learning opportunity affords itself- though perhaps unexpected and unplanned- the home school environment often lends itself to use the moment for more.  We did this every day; therefore, there was no typical day!

And, truly, what a school philosophy:  Make Each Day Atypical!  
This makes for creative, exploring students.
Enjoy and relish the opportunities brought to home-schooling families.  Search and seek the atypical in a day.  Use the moments for further growth and learning. 
Knowledge comes to students in many forms other than books and workbooks.  Find them, explore them, and do the atypical!

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