{Guest Post} So Glad She Asked

My parents took the plunge and homeschooled me beginning in 10th grade.  Here are some thoughts from my mom about how we started our homeschool adventure.

Our pre-teen daughter asked, “Mom, will you homeschool me?”

I turned to look at her questioning face, thinking to myself, “Is she serious?”

I mean, I had so many responsibilities with church, parent volunteer projects at school, family, endless meetings, carpool………the list seemed endless.  How could I possibly homeschool?   

Yet, the question was asked week after week, month after month, for over a year until that same question arose in my own thoughts.

“Why couldn’t I homeschool our daughter?”  The question lingered in the air daily, and now, that very question lingered in my own mind, as well.

Eventually, the answer began to reveal itself.  Why not homeschool?  I was qualified in many ways.  While a teaching degree wasn’t at all necessary to teach, I held one and was certified as a former Language Arts teacher.

The Lord was working the answer out in my mind and heart.  I felt qualified in some subject areas, but not in others.  Therefore, I wasn’t yet confident about taking on a homeschool classroom of even one!  However, as the months passed, the research and quest to explore  secondary homeschool  teaching began, and with that came the realization of possibilities within core subjects and beyond. 

Very helpful to me was attending a state homeschool convention and also a few seminars for secondary level homeschool teachers.  One in particular was led by a long-time homeschool mom.  She talked of her experiences, her excitement in teaching her children, and offered suggestions and examples of secondary level record-keeping, including the maintaining of a high school transcript along with “proof” of the necessary credits for graduation.  God had certainly led me to be a part of that seminar.

As the weeks went by, I found my excitement growing.  Finding the “right” curriculum, the best schedule for us to follow, the necessary materials, preparing lesson plans and record keeping- all this filled my thoughts each day.  God’s guiding hand was there, and our homeschool was coming together.  Life was changing, and though not yet known, changing for the better!  Let the adventure begin!

The few years we had with our homeschool experience were dear and precious.  Watching our daughter work on various subjects and projects, study so independently, build her own community service schedule, and dedicate her time to academics, reading, music, and a local Bible study group was indeed a special blessing.

Our homeschool  included many wonderful experiences, from participating in homeschool CO-OP classes, studying with private teachers and tutors in some subject areas, taking a few online courses, and everything in between!  We did it all.  And, I don’t believe we would trade those years for anything………

How grateful we are for a daughter who persistently asked, “Will you homeschool me?”
So glad she asked.

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