{Guest Post} College in Our Future?

I’m a homeschool grad.  Sure, I was only homeschooled in high school but I loved every minute of the experience – so much so, that I’m homeschooling my own kids.  I’m fairly certain that I turned out ok and I even went on to college and graduated.  Academically I would say homeschool was a successful experiment. 

Here’s a little post from my mom who shares about how she prepared herself for helping me with college admissions.  It is possible!

Oh, how will homeschoolers be able to attend college?  I mean….aren’t they sort of weird, unsocialized, and just generally backwards?

Well, they WILL be able to attend college, do as well, if not better, than their peers, and hopefully NOT fit in.   As homeschooling parents, we pray they will look “upwards” throughout their college experiences, seeking truth and knowledge from the Lord.
What about “getting into” college?    Such a daunting task lies before homeschooling parents, but truly, the task lies before every parent with a college-bound student.  (Let’s take this opportunity to remind that not ALL students have to be or need to be college-bound by any means!) 
Being a homeschool parents requires knowledge on secondary record-keeping, proof of credit received, and accuracy and thoroughness.  Probably a recommended strategy would be to not only maintain records on computer, but perhaps a “hard copy” would be a good idea, as well.  Stay accurate, thorough, and maintain proof of the hours spent for credits earned.  
Additionally, useful records should be maintained with an accurate accounting of community service hours, and any non-credit but noteworthy projects in which the high school student participates.

·        Use a local public or private school high school transcript for a guide.
·        Be sure you completely understand the credits required for high school graduation.
·        Keep very accurate records on credit hours, class time, and community service hours.
·        Contact any person or resource you trust for information, whether that be a homeschool group or other homeschool parents who have learned from the college application and entry experience.  

Is college in your homeschooler’s future? 
Many homeschoolers receive scholarships and grants.   Be your own advocate for your child and your homeschool.   Often, homeschool transcripts are closely examined as many college admissions programs have realized that homeschoolers are, in fact, not really weird………….are not alien beings……..and actually have a lot to offer a college or university in the way of academic achievements and intellectual skills.

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