{Curricula} New for Spring 2014

I have a curricula problem – I’ve admitted it numerous times.  I love changing up our curricula and trying new things.  And once we’ve survived a busy fall semester, relaxed over the holidays, and started our new semester I’m usually ready for a few changes.  I always plan to change our studies up just a little bit – or even add some new things – so that our spring semester is something to look forward to……at least for me!  The kids just might feel differently….

Curly – 2nd Grade 2014

Curly has nearly finished her math curriculum.  I’m still somewhat shocked that she’s moved through it so quickly and done so well.  However, I’m thrilled with her progress and so excited to move into something new.  We’re going to try Beast Academy 3A and see how well she does.  I think it will prove challenging but fun for both of us.  Of course, we’ll keep using Right Start Math and will probably start Level D before summer begins.

Since Curly is my reader I always give her things to read on her own.  Our librarian knows us well!  However, she doesn’t get many opportunities to read aloud or to analyze and study the books she’s reading.  I sometimes wonder just how much she comprehends.  To test her out I’m going to order a few literature guides from Memoria Press.  I’ll have Curly read the chapters aloud to me and then we’ll do the guides together.

Curly has done well with her grammar and spelling this year and is moving full speed ahead.  Rather than move into a new grammar book I think we’re going to focus more on writing.  We’re going to try Classical Academic Press‘ new program for writing – Fables.  We’ll start slow and see how we progress.  Curly will still be finishing Writing With Ease II as she works on this new program.

We’ll be studying a new artist and composer : Handel and VanGogh.  I have a few fun resources to order to help us with our study.  Curly will keep adding information to her fine arts notebook.

I’m also trying to decide what we should add to help with spelling.  Curly will probably finish her level of Phonics Road long before summer.  We might add in Sequential Spelling just to keep practicing spelling skills though.  

Curly has completed Song School Spanish and is ready to move on to something more challenging.  So, we’re going to try Getting Started with Spanish to work on some Spanish vocabulary and grammar while we continue to use Flip Flop Spanish.

Tiger – Kindergarten 2014

Tiger just moved into Right Start Level B and is still flying right through.  He’s also begun Math Mammoth grade 1.  He just loves math!

I was hoping he would be nearly ready for All About Reading Level 2 but we’re not quite there yet.  So, instead I think I’ll add in some extra readers – I like the look of the ones from Nora Gaydos and we’ll keep sounding out those words and practicing our letter sounds!

Tiger will also begin Song School Spanish and I’m sure Bee will join him during the lessons. 

Bee – PreK 2014

Bee is moving into Right Start Level A!  I’m trying to decide if I’m going to go completely crazy having 3 kids in 3 levels of the program.  But everyone is pushing forward with math and doing an amazing job!

Once Bee finishes Level A of Logic of English Foundations I’ll move her into Level B.  I think I’ll even have Tiger join her for extra practice!

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