The Massive Birthday Post

We’ve had some birthdays around here recently!

Punkin is now 1!!  (Her birthday was in November but I didn’t quite get around to posting then….)

Punkin is our petite little person who is crawling, cruising, and cuddly.  She loves her “Da Da” and prefers to be carried.  She might be a little bit spoiled as she expects her siblings to entertain her and bring her toys.  However, she’s an all around cheerful girl who lives in jammies and refuses to wear socks.  Happy Birthday to Punkin!

Happy Birthday Tiger!  Tiger just turned 6!  

I still can’t believe he’s in Kindergarten.  He’s the only boy in our girl-dominated crew and he makes himself heard.  He is loud and wild and crazy but always very sweet and helpful.  He has selective hearing (just like his dad) and loves anything that he can build, destroy, create, or use for fighting.  He loves to run, jump, kick, climb, and play.  Happy Birthday to my little man!

Happy Birthday Curly!  Curly is now 8!  

I’m having a hard time believing that my little girl is so big! Curly is the drama queen, the bossy one, the thinking bookworm, the organized planner, the helper, the craft maker, and the “other mother” at our house.  Curly is always willing to help me and she’s quite the caretaker.  She’s usually the brains behind any crazy or creative project that the kids put together.  She’s my daydreamer with a huge imagination.  Happy Birthday to my biggest girl!  And she had another surprise on her birthday – a visit from the tooth fairy!  She lost yet another tooth on her birthday!

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