{Review Crew} Hidden Gems

Quite a few of the Crew products were from companies that I had not seen before.  We discovered several products that we really enjoyed that I would never have found on my own.  Here’s my list of new-to-me products that were well-liked at our house.

Flowering Baby – I loved all the ideas for toddler and baby activities.  There were active play ideas and book lists as well as art projects and simple activities to increase motor skills.  It was so nice to have things planned out so that I could spend my time enjoying my littles rather than planning!

Lone Star Learning: Target the Question Vocabulary – These vocabulary cards were wonderful for a visual learner (like Curly and me!).  I loved the play on words and the visual cues.  I found that we were able to quickly and easily remember the vocabulary words and definitions.

Homeschool in the Woods – The projects are so much fun and the printables are very high quality.  These are awesome unit study resources.  Now I need their timeline figures!

Moving Beyond the Page – Learning based around books!  What’s not to love?  We really enjoyed using the books to explore topics in every subject.

Brain Food Learning – I love when we can use videos to enhance our learning.  My kids really enjoyed our DVD and they learned (and remembered) so many facts!

Dean Butler – We read the Little House books last year so it was such fun to watch a documentary on Laura.  We got to “visit” the places where she grew up and hear about her life and her writing career.  It was wonderful to get to know the real Laura behind the little girl in the stories.

Seed Sowers – I have been looking for missionary stories that were appropriate for my little people.  We found what we were looking for in Seed Sowers.  The stories are short, interesting, and touching.  We tearfully read through them together.

Bridgeway Academy – I didn’t realize there were online class options for children as young as 7.  Curly had such fun taking her class about medieval times and her teacher was great!  I loved letting her learn from someone else and I was thrilled with the amount of information she learned and remembered.

French Essentials – I don’t speak French and I’ve never once taken a French class.  Curly and I enjoyed learning French together with this accessible and easy to use program.  We both loved the videos and the pronunciation help.

If You Were Me books – Geography studies for tiny people, with cultural information included!  These are fun picture books that introduced information about each country and culture.  They would be perfect for creating an around the world unit study for the PreK-young elementary set.

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