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I want to teach my children about current events.  However, watching the news channels or reading online newspapers with my sensitive 7 and 5 year olds will not work in our house.  With the anti-Christian content of many news stations and the violent news stories, we keep the news out of our home.  I have had to look for alternative methods of introducing my children to current news and I’m so glad I had the chance to review God’s World News!

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What is it?
God’s World News publishes magazines for children of various ages in order to help them evaluate world events, science topics, world religions, and historical events through a Biblical worldview in order to become critical thinkers.  There are 6 levels of magazines from the Pre-K level to highschool with online content to enhance discussions about the topics presented in each level.  The online access allows you to view back copies of the magazine.  There are also quizzes, maps, biographies, and additional stories.  With the web access to subscriber comes lessons to enhance the content of the stories.  And there is an online kids version of the website!

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What does it include?
We received God’s World News Early Edition which is for grades 1-2.
Each home subscription receives 10 months of the full color, 24 page magazines.  Each issue contains age appropriate articles regarding science, history, religion, government, and current events as well as various puzzles to solve.

A home subscription for the Early Edition magazine retails for $28.00.

How did we use this product?
I read the stories in each magazine out loud to my older crew.  Curly (7), Tiger (5), and Bee (4) all loved to listen in when I read.  The stories sparked great discussions and spurred us on to further research on the topics that interested them.

Curly even decided to read Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry after reading about the wild ponies of Assateague in one of the articles.  Tiger was fascinated with the story about a pirate and the divers who are searching for the shipwreck.  Bee enjoyed reading about how kids delivered mail to residents on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin.  The kids jump off a mailboat on each dock and then run to jump back on the mailboat as it continues moving toward the next dock.  Now all my kids want to deliver mail from a boat!

After we read the magazine together, Curly took them to her room and read and re-read the articles on her own.  She completed all the puzzles in each magazine on her own as well.  

What didn’t we like?
A few of the articles did not quite give us enough information but I was glad to be able to go online to the God’s World website and find out more information rather than sift through countless resources on the internet.  Be prepared to dig deeper and investigate many of the topics more thoroughly as the younger editions of the magazine give only the most basic information.

What did we like?
The news stories were at an appropriate level content-wise.  My kids are sensitive and I was concerned with how to discuss current events with them, especially Curly.  The magazine does a great job of keeping the information at an age-appropriate level.

There are relevant Bible verses with many of the news articles.  I enjoyed being able to tie in the ideas and lessons in the stories with Biblical truths.

The content is widely varied from science topics, to history topics, to world events topics.  There is something for each child and for children with many different interests.  We enjoyed the broad scope of information presented in the magazines.  

What did we think overall?
I found these magazines to be a wonderful introduction to topics in history, science, geography, government, and current events.  The topics are interesting to children and provide information that is age-appropriate.  We found the magazines to be great discussion starters and a good jumping off point for additional research.  I’m thankful we can discuss world events with an emphasis on our Biblical response to them.  These are an excellent introduction to current news while training children to evaluate events based on Biblical truths.  

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