{Blog Cruise} Monarch Migration

Nature study is not my forte but we live in south Texas and this is the season for monarchs to migrate.  This week we’ve taken a butterfly walk every day.  It looks like it is snowing butterflies in our neighborhood.  This is nature that I can handle!  I sense a unit study in the making!

Since I cannot take amazing pictures while keeping my toddler from running out in the street, I enlisted the help of my wonderful, nature-loving friend to take some pictures for me.  She and her daughter have been studying butterflies in their homeschool as well and she provided all the pictures for my post!

 Caterpillar habitat
 There’s a caterpillar hiding in this picture – or maybe just hanging out!
Brand new baby caterpillar!

 He just shed his skin!
 Tiger’s favorite picture!  That is caterpillar poop!!  (Also known as frass)

 Munch munch!

I see you………

After enjoying our butterfly walks and we used a few resources to create a mini unit study on one of the few bugs that I can allow into the house.

Butterfly Lapbook from Homeschool Share

Butterfly Unit study from Homeschool Share with links to their Pinterest board of more ideas

Butterfly Project Pack from In the Hands of a Child

Monarch Butterfly Migration Project from Evan-Moor

Butterflies to Paint or Color from Dover

Butterfly Printables from PreschoolMom.com

Butterfly Unit Study from Teachers Pay Teachers

Butterfly Unit from 2 Teaching Mommies

Monarch Watch from the University of Kansas

Here are some books to round out the unit study:

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

 The Butterfly Book

 Caterpillar to Butterfly

Are you a Butterfly?

Madame’s Journey Home

Monarch Magic

Butterfly House

Where Butterflies Grow

Waiting for Wings

An Extraordinary Life

Monarch and Milkweed

Monarch Butterfly of Aster Way

Fly Monarch Fly

Monarch Butterfly

Hurry and the Monarch

Gotta Go!  Gotta Go!

Monarch Migration

Monarch Butterfly Emerging

Cascading Monarchs

Magic School Bus Butterfly Episode

And as a fun aside: My friend’s daughter (who is Curly’s favorite friend) paints beautiful butterfly artwork and has made her pictures into bags.  She sells the bags for $12 for the larger bags and $8 for the smaller ones.  The money goes toward paying for her violin and she donates part of it to the Birds of Prey Rescue group (in honor of her sweet little pet bird, Pepper).  You can get more info on Lilly and her bags by emailing her mom Kristin at tortoisemom@att.net.

How does the rest of the Crew enjoy nature study in the autumn?  Read more nature inspired posts on the Crew Blog!


One thought on “{Blog Cruise} Monarch Migration

  1. Lexi—wonderful, beautiful and so inspiring! The monarchs pass thru southern CO on their way down to you, and monarch-watching (in August) has been one of our family's favorite nature center activities. I especially love the jade and golden cocoons.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Melanie from TOS Crew

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