A Little Getaway and Some Self-Education – Homeschool Teacher Training

My husband and I had the wonderful opportunity for the two of us to get away – and also to see family at the end of our little trip.  The kids get to spend a week at grandma and grandpa’s house (AKA: Pops and DiDi) and they have all kinds of fun things planned.  Even though part of the trip is business related for my hubby, it was worth it to have the chance to spend some time together and while he’s in meetings I get to blog, lesson plan, and readHeavenly!

Our trip was quite exhausting though!
My hubby was in another part of Texas for work and had to fly home.  His original flight was delayed so he tried to fly standby on an earlier flight.  He couldn’t make the first flight but was able to catch a slightly earlier flight.  This flight gave him 5 minutes to try to fly standby on another flight.  He landed and ran to his gate and thanks to the confusion and craziness at that gate – they let him on simply to get the plane out of the gate and not deal with any more complaining passengers.  There were lots of delays that evening!  He was the last one on the plane and made it home several hours earlier than we had expected.

He unpacked while I packed and then we loaded the car.  At 11:55 PM we pulled out of our driveway with a car full of sleeping kids and began the over night drive to Oklahoma.  Are we crazy or what???  We made one stop and the kids slept most of the way.  I kept myself and my hubby awake talking about homeschool curricula.  I think he wished he could have gone to sleep and not heard another word.  However, he is a great listener and I sorted out lots of ideas for next year.  It was such fun!  Then he took his turn boring me to death by talking about work.  I listened for and now know more than I ever want to know about investments and all kinds of office policies. 

We made it to Oklahoma and the kids woke up and were ready to play!  We took a nap for a few hours and when we made it out to the living room the kids had covered the floor in 3 separate rooms with toys of every kind.  They were getting dressed to go play outside after destroying the entire house.

We loaded my parent’s car and got ready to go to the airport to catch our flights – first to Baltimore and then to Indianapolis.  We made it to the airport in time to get our bags checked and get to our gate.  The flight was completely full and we barely got a seat together.  I had an interesting seatmate (lucky me got the middle seat).  The little lady sitting next to me was from West Virginia and she chatted with me about her grandkids.  I was hoping to watch a movie with my hubby on the long flight but she kept up her chatting.  She was making her flight connection in Oklahoma City after flying through Dallas on her way to Baltimore.  She wanted to know all about Oklahoma having only lived in Virginia and West Virginia.  She was shocked at how flat the land looked as we took off.  She then remarked that she could see why Oklahoma had so many tornadoes and hurricanes.  I gently reminded her that Oklahoma did not in fact have hurricanes – you know – the whole ocean thing.  Landlocked states don’t typically have hurricanes….maybe she would benefit from a unit study on hurricanes and tornadoes at Lextin Academy!  Then she asked me if Oklahoma had a “midwestern feel.”  I had NO IDEA what she was talking about.  She clarified and asked if there were cowboys and things there.  I sighed.  “Ohh yes,” I told her, “there are lots of cowboys in Oklahoma.”  Yeah, I shouldn’t have encouraged her stereotype of the Okie people, but at that point I was too tired to care.  So, Oklahoma is the land of hurricanes and Cowboys!  Who knew!?

We survived the flight to Baltimore and then boarded a plane for Indianapolis.  I again got the coveted middle seat and sat next to yet another older lady who was even more chatty than the first.  How can that be possible!?  She told me all about Indianapolis and I heard about every “wonderful” feature of the city.  Then she told me all about both of her husbands and all of her kids and grandkids.  I had just about had enough of her chatter.  (This is all happening while I have headphones on and a movie playing on the laptop.  She didn’t seem to care.)  Then she turned the conversation toward the movie I was watching – apparently she had seen it and just loved it.  Then she proceeded to tell me all about it – while I’m still trying to watch it.  I kept leaning closer to my hubby trying to get away while still trying to be polite.  Then she changed the subject and asked if we were on our honeymoonUmm, nope!  The honeymoon was over 10 years ago – although I appreciated that she thought I looked young enough to be a newlywed!  I then told her that we had been married for 10 years and we had 5 CHILDREN!  That shut her up really fast.  Her jaw hit the floor and she just stared at me.  And since I had viewed pictures of her grandchildren, I whipped out my phone and showed her pictures of all the kids to prove my point.  She seemed surprised and almost horrified that I was a mom to that many.  But she did leave me alone for the rest of the flight!

We eventually did make it to Indy, got to our hotel in the pouring rain, and had some time together exploring the city and eating at fun restaurants in the couple days before my husband’s conference began.  What have we discovered in Indiana?  That the speed limit is 50-55 MPH on the highway!  Yes, you read that correctly!  In TX you can easily drive 70-75 and on some toll roads the speed limit is 80.  I have discovered that my hubby is not physically able to drive a car slower than 70 and he has barely survived our exploration in this state.  It doesn’t help that every time he hits 65 I start screaming, “You’re speeding!!  No!  Slow down!!”  Poor guy!

Now he’s at meetings and I’m planning fall crafts, fall games, lesson plans for history, making booklists, ordering new books, looking into curriculum for next year, and blogging.  This is my time to play catch up and enjoy some time to refresh, refocus, and plan for the rest of the year.  It’s also time for me to focus on some mom/teacher education.  I have a pile of books and even some audios to listen to for self education.

Here’s my list for personal education and growth:

Breaking Free by Beth Moore

The Way They Learn by Cynthia Tobias

Giving Your Child the Excellence Edge by Vicki Caruana

Don’t Make Me Count to 3 by Ginger Plowman

The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson

The Joy of Classical Education by Susan Wise Bauer (MP3 Audio)

This has been a wonderful trip – despite the agonizingly slow travels around the state – and I think I’m going to have to take 1 week each fall and spring for some time to recharge, educate myself, and find inspiration to help me through the semester.   

Do you plan time for teacher-in-training??

3 thoughts on “A Little Getaway and Some Self-Education – Homeschool Teacher Training

  1. I just re-vamped an old post of mine called, "Educational Influencers"= a whole list of books on education and homeschooling. I forgot about Cynthia Tobias Ulrich- I meet her years ago- total dynamo! But I'll have to look up some of the other ones you listed!
    Isn't it funny the reactions people have to a large family! Glad your trip was awesome!

  2. Oh, my goodness! I think I'd go insane with an actual speed limit of 55. Most highways around here are going to 65, and even that's sometimes a bit slow – in terms of actual speed. The running joke is that the posted numbers are a "suggestion," but the real number is the same as the road. As in, I-95 isn't the road number…;)

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