A Homeschool Day in Pictures

I chose a random Tuesday in September to take pictures and then blog about our day.  Looking back I’m sure glad that I chose that day and not the following day.  Because the day after these adorable pictures my oldest child had an epic meltdown all morning that necessitated a trip to Daddy’s office.  Then I discovered that my toddler had finger painted the carpet blue in the homeschool room and had cut the bristles off all of our new paintbrushes.  Other awful things happened too.  But those are stories for another post.

Enjoy these shots of a blissful and beautiful homeschool day.  And know that the day after these pictures my house was a wreck, my children were hellions, and I was certifiably crazy.  So, don’t think that these wonderful days are an every day kind of thing.  Oh no, no, no!  But when they happen, they are poetic reminders of why I do this thing called homeschool

 Here’s Curly at 6 AM busily working away on Language Arts!
 Math comes next.
 Working on logic and more language arts and some geography.
 Curly works on Spanish on her own while I grade and get other subjects ready.
 Learning about the states.
 Lit study!
 Curly loves reading this book to me as part of her lit study.
 Working on spelling in her notebook.
 I get some time to go over our plans and our read aloud list.
 Curly loves to do spelling on the whiteboard with colored markers.
Done with almost all of her school by 8 AM!
A few little people woke up so they watched some Mickey Mouse on the iPad.
One person was still very sleepy!
Breakfast cinnamon toast!
Memory work review.
Punkin loves breakfast time!
Totschool art with little Ladybug.  Yes her shirt is inside out – she dressed herself!
Big kids enjoyed some Lego building time.
Totschool got very messy!
Curly worked on independent work while Ladybug painted away.

Painting some more.
Still painting!
Logic and reading time with my little guy.

I read aloud and he tosses the football!

Cursive practice.
Spelling practice.
Handwriting and reading time with Bee!

Then it’s time for math and phonics.

Chalk time after lunch.
Please don’t eat the chalk!
Enjoying their mess!

Bee loves chalk!

Tiger likes to grind the chalk into dust!

Curly likes to critique their art.

After a quick rinse we had to have a dance break!

More dancing to wear Ladybug out for nap time.

Piano practice for everyone!  Tiger is first!

Bible time!
Everyone grabs blankies and stuffed animals and we read our Bible lesson on the floor.

Time for painting – big kids only!

The kids watch an art DVD and do their project while I do dishes and laundry.

Bee enjoys dressing up in various outfits.

Then they play with the dollhouse tree house while I read to them.

Here’s what we were reading out loud.

And we read Bible stories too.
The kids did more painting while I read to them.

And I’m still reading……
Time for some history and science with Bee and Tiger together while Curly finishes up her independent work.

Copywork!  Bee does such a great job!

Coloring history pages.
Tiger is very proud of his notebook.

Violin practice time!

Tiger goes second because his piano time was first.  He’s not happy about that!

Then we have to wake a sleepy Ladybug!

Punkin is wide awake and waiting for Daddy to come home!  She decided to learn to pull up today!

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