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Curly has been very motivated to learn to speak Spanish.  Since we don’t speak Spanish it’s hard to help her.  So, we were very excited that we were able to review Flip Flop Spanish with our kids!  An interactive Spanish program with games?  Yes please!

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What is it?
Flip Flop Learning has produced multiple language learning resources for both French and Spanish.  The program is unique in that every other page in the workbook is printed upside down to enable the student to focus on only one page at a time.  The programs also have other learning tools such as a calendar and flash cards.  The programs are designed to use games and hands-on activities with the flash cards in order to teach the new language.

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What does it include?
We received See It and Say It: Flip Flop Spanish.  This program is designed to be used with children as young as age 3 up to adults of any age.   

See It and Say It is a 2 year Spanish program that includes vocabulary and grammar.  There are 45 Spanish lessons in the program.  The set comes with:

  • 1 manual with lesson plans
  • 3 sets of flash cards with pictures
  • 4 audio CD’s of the lessons
  • 1 white board paddle for games
  • 1 dry erase marker

The set retails for $99.95.

The manual contains all the answers and the lesson plans as well as which flash cards are used in each lesson.  This is a very helpful tool for the parent to be able to see how the sentences are formed and be able to read the text of the audio CD’s to help guide the student.  The manual also has game ideas and tips for understanding Spanish grammar.  The pages are 3-hole punched and ready to be placed in a binder. 

The audio CD’s are the lessons.  Each lesson has 2-4 tracks on the CD’s.  The teacher, Sra. Gose teaches each lesson to the student through the CD’s, giving instructions for each activity and guiding the student through the lessons with proper punctuation.

The flash cards are used in each lesson.  On one side is a pictorial representation of the word and on the back is the word in both Spanish and English.  The student can flip the cards over to check answers while working through the program.

Each new lesson introduces a few new vocabulary words and encourages the student to begin building simple sentences after the first lesson.  Every 6 lessons or so there is a review lesson for the student to practice all the vocabulary learned so far and play games or work to build sentences with the Spanish words. 

The lessons are designed to be used over a period of 3 days.  The first day you use the audio CD and work through the instructions.  On the second day you listen to the CD again and do the same lesson – building confidence, speed, and accuracy.  By the third day, you no longer need the CD but you can read the script to your child and direct them in the lesson.

How did we use this product?
I used this product with the 3 oldest kids – Curly age 7, Tiger age 5, and Bee age 4.

Curly used the program at a much faster pace as she has had some previous Spanish learning.  She completed about 2 lessons per week (and only doing 1 lesson on some weeks when she needed more review).  I let Curly use the iPod with the lesson CD’s downloaded to it.  She would choose the correct track and then sit on the floor with her flash cards spread in front of her.  She carefully listened to the instructions and went through each lesson.  The next day she would do the same lesson again, working to improve her speed and accuracy in choosing the correct flash card or in building the sentences that are dictated by the teacher. 

Tiger and Bee worked together on the program and required my help for each lesson.  They have had no prior Spanish experience so the words were all new to them.  I sat with them and listened to the audio as they chose the correct flash cards and tried to build sentences using them.  Because the cards are picture-driven, kids who are not yet readers can participate in the program using the flash cards.  We worked at a very slow pace with Tiger and Bee.  We did only 1 lesson per week (and sometimes less if they needed more vocabulary practice).  They were slowly learning the new words and becoming able to create some Spanish sentences.

What did a lesson look like?
Here’s a peek into our day with Flip Flop Spanish!

Curly – Lesson 6
Our four new words:
el libro – the book
feo – ugly
comico – funny
el osito – the teddy bear

The first track of this lesson introduced the new vocabulary words.  Curly laid out the new cards, picture side up.  Next she laid out the previous cards she had learned and got ready for the speed round in the next track.

For the speed round, words are called out quickly in Spanish and Curly had to say them and then quickly touch the correct card.  This track takes quite a bit of practice and she went through the speed round more than once (by the second day of practice she was usually a pro).

Track 3 for this lesson was about sentences.  The instructor had Curly make her own index card for “es” (is) and then sentences were said in Spanish.  Curly quickly chose the correct vocabulary card and laid out the sentence as she said the words along with the CD.  One of her sentences was “El libro es feo.”  I think she disagreed with that one because I don’t think Curly could ever consider a book ugly!  She’s my reader!

Then the instructor gave ideas for playing “paleta” or drawing on the paddle to create cartoons to illustrate the new words.

The last track of the lesson was review sentences.  New words were mixed in with old words as Curly laid out sentences using the cards.  She then spent some time creating her own sentences with the cards.

Tiger and Bee – Lesson 2
New words:
el tenedor – the fork
la cuchara – the spoon
el plato – the plate
el pajaro – the bird

I helped them lay out the new cards and then we practiced the new words.  Next we laid out the cards from lesson 1 alongside our new cards.

The first track introduced the new words and then had the student touch each card as a word was said.

The next track was the speed round.  This was tough for Tiger and Bee.  We often had to practice this round multiple times.  The words were called out quickly and they had to take turns touching the correct card.

The last part of this track was sentence building.  We created a new card “y” (and) so they could build more complex sentences.  Several sentences were said and they worked together to build them with the cards.  After the track ended, we practiced with a few more sentences.

Then we played with the paddle, drawing pictures of the words and having each other guess what the picture was.  Umm, their drawings were rather abstract so it was sometimes tough to guess which word they were trying to represent!  They thought it was hilarious though!

We repeated this lesson multiple times in that week. 

What didn’t we like?
If Curly continues at her current pace (which I doubt as the vocabulary gets more complex) she might finish the program in under 2 years.  I could always have her go back and review to build up speed and accuracy as she recognizes vocabulary words and builds sentences.  However, I hope at that point there is a second level to the program that includes more vocabulary, more complex sentences, and more indepth grammar.  In other words, WE WANT MORE!  I don’t want to have to move to a new Spanish program, I want to continue with a new level of this program!

What did we like?
I love the manual because it laid out each lesson and listed the audio track numbers at the top.  It was so easy for me to follow along with the CD as I read the manual.  The manual also had pictures of the vocabulary cards laid out to demonstrate the sentences that the student would be building with the cards.  This helped me check Curly’s answers to make sure she was using the right cards.

The cards have colorful and fun pictures that enable the student to learn the vocabulary quickly.  And it works for kids who cannot yet read!  It is truly a program that can be used for any age.  

The program includes fun games and is very interactive.  This is a program that is very enjoyable for kids of any learning style and makes learning a new language fun!

The audio CD’s are my very favorite part of the program!  They contain all the instructions and the correct pronunciation of all the words.  You put in the CD and let Sra. Gose teach Spanish to you.  It’s like having your own private tutor.  Because the CD’s contain all the needed instructions, the program can be independent for an older child.  Mom isn’t needed to teach this program!  Instead Mom can learn alongside her kids – Necesito el tazon y el helado!!

This program is open-and-go.  There is no preparation needed.  You put in the CD, open the manual, and lay out your flash cards and you begin.  I loved that no planning or prep work was needed on my part!

What did we think overall?
We love, love, love Flip Flop Spanish!  It was fun, easy to use, and enabled my kids to quickly learn vocabulary but also to apply the words right away by building simple sentences.  Because the program relies heavily on pictures, it works well for non-readers and also for visual learners.  The audio CD enables older children to work independently (YES!!!) and allows a parent without a knowledge of Spanish to help their child learn Spanish and the correct pronunciation.  

This program is a huge hit at our house!  We’ll be continuing on with Spanish this year and I certainly hope that I see more products from Flip Flop Learning in the future.  We want to keep going with the program!!!!

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