Schoolhouse Expo August 2013

I hope you’ve put the Schoolhouse Expo on your calendar!  This event is a week-long homeschool event with a long list of speakers.  You can listen in from home at any point during the week or listen to the recorded sessions later.  I plan to tune in as often as I can for some homeschool encouragement.

I am so excited to hear Andrew Pudewa (Institute for Excellence in Writing) speak about educating boys and motivating them to learn.  I may only have one little guy but it’s not been difficult to notice that he’s wired completely differently than my girls.  He can be a bit of a challenge to teach sometimes!  I can’t wait to hear a new perspective on homeschooling boys!

And I want to hear Todd Wilson (Familyman Ministries) speak about technology and how to use it (or avoid it) in your homeschool.  We have iPads, iPhones, and laptops at our house but I always want to be mindful of balance in using technology.  

Marie Rippel (All About Learning) will be talking about educating the struggling learner and how her programs address different learning challenges.  I am listening in to this one!  We use her programs and really enjoy them.  But lately Tiger has been struggling in his quest to learn to read.  I hope I’ll come away with some tips to help him better understand the material.

I also saw that Jennifer Courtney (Classical Conversations) will be hosting a session to dispel the Top 10 Myths of Classical Education.  I consider our homeschool to be mostly classical but lately I’ve read some widely varied articles on the topic of classical education and it’s left me with some questions.  I’m hoping this talk gives me a good starting place for better understanding and further research.  

It’s going to be a wonderful week and I hope I come away with some new ideas for teaching my kids with a lot of motivation as we start our new school year!

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Disclaimer:  This is a promotional post.  I am being compensated with 1 free ticket to the Expo for writing this promo post. 

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