It’s a Birthday Day!

Why yes, it is my birthday today.  So, I’m giving myself the day off.  I plan to play games, work puzzles, color, paint, and enjoy my day.  I also hope to curl up in bed and read a few chapters of whatever book I can find.  (I hope it’s not a picture book!)  I haven’t had the luxury of reading a book for myself in a long time!

My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I gave him my standard reply….”Well, there’s this one curriculum that I really want….”  And he gave me his usual frown and told me that I had to choose something for ME, but I told him curriculum was mostly for me anyway….He disagreed….  So I told him I’d just like some quiet.  It is kind of asking for a lot in this house!

On my birthday, I won’t be blogging but I might be enjoying my birthday present – my new computer – thanks honey!  (Maybe I’ll have some quiet time to sit down and start getting it all set up).  My sweet hubby got me a Mac laptop and he tells me that I’ll be able to figure it out.  If my blog is silent for a few days you’ll know it’s just because my Mac and I aren’t getting along just yet.  I’m trying though! 

Ohh, and the other thing I’ll be doing on my birthday?  Cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as baking my own birthday cake – that’s because I’m an allergy mama and I cook so my kids can safely enjoy my birthday too. 

Come on over if you’d like some gluten free, vegan cake and some homemade cheese-less pizza!

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