A Request for Homeschool Families

Did you know my hubby is working on his PhD?  Well, he is in the final stages and is busy with his dissertation.  While I blog my evenings away, he researches, writes, and studies.  I even help out by proofing his papers!  We are almost done.  We are so very close!  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  But we need a little bit of help from the homeschool community………

My husband is working toward a doctorate in Personal Financial Planning from Kansas State University.  His research topic is Homeschooling and Financial Literacy.  So, basically he’s evaluating how homeschool families teach financial literacy to their kids and how they prepare them to understand money matters.  For his research, he needs to interview homeschool families with kids of various ages (from early elementary age to highschool) to compare and contrast how they introduce these topics in their home and homeschools.

Would you be willing to be interviewed??? 

Here are the details:
He needs to interview the primary educator
He can contact you via phone or Skype
The interviews will be about 30-45 minutes
All information in the paper will be anonymous

He’s hoping to conduct interviews in the first part of August.  If you’re available and have 30 minutes to share your goals for teaching financial literacy to your children, would you consider participating??

You can contact me via email at  lextinacademy@gmail.com

Also, please share this information with your homeschool friends and groups.  My husband needs about 15 families to participate in the study.

Thank you!!!!!!!

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