What No One Ever Told Me About Homeschooling

Homeschooling comes with it’s fair share of challenges – of course there are blessings too.  I didn’t know quite what to expect when we began our journey but I wish someone had given me a little heads up on a few of these.

  • You will always question what you do
  • Another shiny new curriculum and it’s promises of perfection will always catch your eye
  • You will doubt yourself and your ability to teach
  • You will doubt your child’s ability to learn
  • You will over analyze the curriculum that you choose
  • You will compare yourself mercilessly to other homeschoolers and wonder if they are doing a better job
  • You will be your own harshest critic and you will judge yourself for any perceived failure in your kids or in yourself
  • You will lament the lack of time for your own pursuits – you won’t have much down time
  • There is no true beginning to homeschooling – “parenting” is just another word for it
  • Homeschooling never ends – your children learn all the time and every moment presents an opportunity to teach
  • All work is homework
  • One-on-one instruction gives your and your child plenty of opportunities to drive each other crazy
  • It can be more challenging to teach your child to work independently than teaching them to do math
  • Homeschooling can be a lonely road
  • You might not fit in with your friends based on your decision to school at home
  • You might not even fit in with other homeschoolers who are “different” than you
  • You will be judged for your choices and some people will be vocal opponents of your decision
  • You will learn that everyone homeschools for different reasons
  • You will discover that only a small percentage of homeschoolers fit that “homeschool stereotype”
  • You can be overworked and over-committed with too many activities and too much school work
  • You don’t get a janitor – that job goes to you!
  • You also still have to cook and clean
  • And you will be the nurse and principal too
  • Your house will look very lived in – there will be evidence of your journey in every available space
  • You will have to learn as you go and change your game plan on a regular basis
  • Homeschooling requires great sacrifice and flexibility
  • You will realize that you learned virtually nothing in your own schooling – but now you get to learn all the interesting facts and tidbits
  • You will find that any remotely unusual behavior in your child will be blamed on the fact that you homeschool
  • You will observe that public schooled children sometimes have really weird behaviors too
  • People will randomly question you when you are out in public
  • People will feel comfortable quizzing your children on very obscure facts
  • People will happily tell you everything you’re doing wrong – or everything you could do wrong
  • Your kids will not be perfect
  • There will be many days that your kids hate school
  • There will be just as many days that YOU hate school
  • Your kids will argue with you – and with each other
  • At times your kids will refuse to learn
  • At times your kids will act as if they have learned nothing – despite your best efforts
  • Sometimes your kids will tell you how much they dislike school
  • Your kids may even say that they dislike you
  • In those times you might not really like them either
  • You will have days when you just want out of this never-ending job
  • You will want to give up, quit, cry, or hide in the closet and eat chocolate

I think I had this picture in my head of how my school days would flow with my kids.  We would sit at a cute little table with boxes of crayons and I would read to them for hours while they drew beautiful pictures.  Then we would do amazing science experiments and dress up as characters throughout history while we acted out our lessons.  My children would be wonderful, brilliant, sweet, funny, and loving to me and to each other – all. the. time.  So, that hasn’t quite been our experience.  Our adventure has been exciting and interesting, if at times, very challenging.  However, I still think our journey has been a road worth taking.

So, did the list scare you?  Don’t worry.  There are just as many blessings from the homeschool experience.  Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of my list!

4 thoughts on “What No One Ever Told Me About Homeschooling

  1. Thanks! I guess I envisioned a somewhat different homeschooling experience…..not that I would change what I now have but it would have been nice to have a little reality check at the beginning!

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