What No One Ever Told Me About Homeschooling {Part 2}

Homeschooling has its downfalls and I’ve discovered many of them the hard way.  Your decision to homeschool should really come with a warning label.

However, as hard as homeschooling may be, I’ve discovered that there are even more benefits.  Homeschooling is amazing and wonderful and well worth the hard work!  I knew homeschooling was for us.  But I’ve been excited to see all the positive aspects and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the unexpected benefits that all the other homeschoolers failed to mention.

So, here’s What No One Ever Told Me About Homeschooling, Part 2 – the incredible, amazing, fun, interesting, and blessed reasons to get your homeschool journey under way.

  • I can develop a love of learning in my kids – a real passion for learning something new
  • I have discovered I love to learn – I did not know this in school!
  • I am addicted to teacher manuals and curriculum – there’s just so many fun ones to choose from!
  • Teacher manuals are so helpful and so interesting  – they make good bed time reading
  • I can’t wait for every new year just for what *I* get to learn
  • I love choosing the curriculum and planning out my year
  • Getting new boxes of homeschool supplies and curricula is better than Christmas
  • You might in fact ask for homeschool things for your own birthday presents AND for Christmas
  • You can never have too many bookshelves
  • You will never own enough books
  • We have so much flexibility for field trips, sick days, or just “off” days
  • We can vacation in the off season
  • We can follow our own schedule
  • We can take days to just relax
  • I love our snuggle movie days!
  • On rainy days we can curl up with books and popcorn and not leave the house
  • We can also go outside and splash in puddles and find worms
  • Of course, we can go outside and enjoy sunny days too
  • We can even do school outside!
  • I don’t have to worry about drop offs, pick ups, and bus schedules
  • The only school zone I have to worry about is the Lego school in my living room – don’t trip!
  • I don’t have to stress about forgotten lunches or backpacks or signing endless piles of forms that were brought home
  • I don’t have to panic about forgotten projects and make late night runs to Walmart for extra supplies
  • I don’t have to worry about a controversial topic being taught to my child
  • I don’t have to worry about the bad habits they might pick up – or unwanted language being brought into my home
  • I don’t have to stress about safety, metal detectors, and drug dogs
  • I can serve my kids yummy and healthy meals – no cafeteria food here!
  • We sometimes surprise dad at his office and kidnap him for lunch!
  • We can eat fun snacks – chocolate snacks for the teacher………
  • We can even eat those snacks while we work – chocolate chips go great with math time!
  • I can build relationships with my kids
  • I have time to sit and listen to my kids and understand how they think
  • I can get to know their hearts
  • I can be there for them when they’re frustrated and overwhelmed
  • I can be there for them when they’re excited about a new discovery
  • They can build relationships with each other
  • Even though they sometimes fight, they are best friends and love to play together
  • We can focus on character and I can find teachable moments throughout each day to reinforce character lessons
  • We can have time for the arts in our school
  • We can do art every single day!
  • We can study music and have time for practice
  • I get to teach my kids piano!
  • We also have time for physical education and spend our time outside, at the pool, at the park, or on long walks
  • We have so much extra play time – we take frequent Lego and Playmobil breaks!
  • My kids have chances to be creative
  • My kids have the opportunity for active play
  • We can learn through imaginative play
  • We don’t need school uniforms – we can wear dress up clothes or pj’s
  • We can move at our own pace – no one is rushing us
  • We can spend time on topics that interest us
  • And we can speed through areas that my kids have mastered
  • If I think an assignment is busywork, then I can decide we don’t need to do it
  • I can add assignments in that I think are valuable
  • I can make the rules and change them when needed
  • When random people quiz us when we’re out in public, my kids have answers, and they can hold their own in conversations about crazy topics like Egyptian mummies or facts about the planets
  • We get to learn strange facts about many topics
  • We can spend time with kids of all ages – not just kids in their same grade level
  • Therefore, my kids know how to interact with adults and they are just as comfortable talking with adults as kids their own ages
  • We have time to serve each other
  • We have time to serve others in our community
  • We have time for chore training- they can actually learn to help with house work
  • When someone is having a rough day, we can stop and minister to that child
  • When mom is having a rough day, we can take a break and refocus
  • Bible is a subject all by itself
  • We can do Bible studies together
  • And we can pray whenever we want – proud and out loud
  • I can disciple my kids
  • I can teach my kids the in-depth information about our faith and our values
  • I can point them to Christ at every opportunity

Homeschooling is hard work.  It’s a ministry and it’s one that requires quite a bit of personal sacrifice.  Ohhh, but the rewards are so worth it!

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