Our New Homeschool Room!

We just moved into our new house and the first room that I wanted to unpack was the homeschool room.  Is anyone surprised by that?  It’s all about priorities

 Here’s a view of the homeschool room if you are coming up the stairs.  This was before the movers brought in all the furniture.

 And here’s the room with all the furniture crammed in – with boxes and piles of things everywhere.  
 Now the room is done!  Ok, it’s not decorated but at least I can see the floor and the table!

 Here’s a picture of the right side of the room.  The small black desk is the computer station.  We’ll put the kids’ laptop there for them to do computer learning.  The white cabinet holds extra supplies, books for the year, totschool tubs, boxes of file folder games, and completed lapbooks. 
 This is the left side of the room.  Here’s my desk with my supplies and it also holds some art supplies, Bibles, and Bible curricula.  
 This is the rest of the left side of our room.  The white drawers have extra art supplies and toddler busy bags.  The black cabinet holds our notebooks, my teacher manuals for the year, reference books, and has canvas tubs of manipulatives.  Our bean bags are stacked in the corner.
 Here’s the art nook!  The art table was on order at this point.  But we have our small art cabinet with paints, chalks, paper, and our art curricula.
 Here is the entire left side of the room.  There’s not a lot of space to spare in those shelves!
 Our table is much like the Erica’s table on Confessions of a Homescholer.  We purchased it at Ikea and my hubby set up the 4 drawer units and placed two table tops across them.  Then we bolted them together.  We love our giant table with the drawers for each child.  

 This little cabinet is int he hallway right off the homeschool room.  It stores extra books, teacher manuals for curricula that is not being used this year, and supplies like my laminator. 
Right down the hall is another closet and this one holds all our games and puzzles.

And here’s a shot of the art corner with the new art table all set up and ready to go!  Still have to hang that whiteboard but we’re making progress.

9 thoughts on “Our New Homeschool Room!

  1. Great schoolroom!! Hope it blesses you in your new home with your new school year! We move last July and it was one of the hardest things we had ever done! I have to say that still after a year I am trying to finalize decor and find just that right spot for some items!

  2. Thanks! We love our homeschool room! It's so efficient and easy to work in! I love all my shelves and my giant table. My kids need their own space – it cuts down on some of the arguing and fighting.

  3. I am getting ready to update our school area, so of course I had to peruse the internet. In one of your pictures, I noticed what looks like colored tape on the spine of your books? Is this an organizational tool, and if so…what is your organization? Class? Age range? and if its not organizational…it just gave me an idea for my littles in helping them put their books away. By the way…I LOVE your room!

  4. Yes it is an organizational tool for me. Here is an update on our homeschool room where I talk more about it: http://lextinacademy.blogspot.com/2014/07/a-tour-of-our-homeschool-room.html?showComment=1406850609049#c9174632165942466517

    It is electrical tape that I put on the spine of my books. I put a color at the top of each book for the grade level in which we use that book. Kindergarten is green and 2nd grade is red/yellow combo. For our history books I put a color at the bottom of the spine. I color code these by time period. Red is for ancient history and blue is for medieval, etc. All readers have white tape on the spine.

    It has made putting books away wonderfully easy for my kids. It's also nice to quickly glance at the spine and know when I'm going to need a book and where it goes on my shelves. It has been a great tool for us.

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