{Delight} in Your Home

I don’t enjoy household chores of dishes and laundry.  I do dishes 3 times a day and do at least 1 load of laundry every day.  Yuck!  That doesn’t take into account the folding of all the clothes or ironing my hubby’s work clothes.  I also have to keep the house picked up and do lots of vacuuming.  Kids are messy!

I’m determined to find a few ways to delight in our home:

No, I don’t enjoy picking up the house.  But I can find delight that our family works together alongside each other.  My kids do their chores and pitch in as we enjoy the teamwork it takes to keep up with the house.  I put on some music and we sing and dance through our chores together.  I can find delight in that I get to work with my favorite people ever day.

I can delight in all the memories made in our house.  Yes, my entryway is a giant mess right now – it’s a large doll tent with tables and chairs and pillows and an entire doll wardrobe.  But that mess represents memories.  Where you see mess, I can see an experience that my kids will remember as they grow.  I can cherish the times of making memories and I can let go a little.  The house will never be perfectly clean; there will also be clutter and the evidence of a house full of little people.  But the good times and memories are too important.

I’ve decided to turn my chore times into prayer times.  As I do the laundry and fold clothes I pray for my children.  As I wash the dishes I’m thankful for the blessings of food and God’s provision for us.  As I vacuum the house and clean away toys, I confess my frustration over the mess and find myself thankful that I have a house full of love and laughter.

I’m going to choose to accept that there will never be balance in my home – I will never be ok with the mess and my house will never actually be clean.  My home will always be somewhere between and I’ll be struggling with being bothered by the mess while knowing that no amount of work will get it fully clean and keep it that way for more than an hour.  It’s a losing battle.  Instead, I’m going to embrace chore time, knowing that my efforts will seem futile.  I’m also going to delight in the clutter and messiness because I know the memories are worth more than a spotless house.  

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