Summer 2013 Bucket List

Well, technically it’s already summer but I’m just now making my summer bucket list.  We’ll start working on our list in July after we are finally moved into our new house.  That will give us 2 months to have some summer fun.

Last summer we didn’t even complete half of the ideas on our bucket list – moving twice over that summer probably had something to do with our failure.  But this summer I hope to be a little more organized and a lot more proactive.  Plus, I want to keep us busy on days when it is too hot to go outside.

Here’s the list of our summer plans!  Of course, swimming, park days, and trips to Sea World will be included as well!

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  1. I need to get on ours. I did one last year and we didn't accomplish much off of it. It's so hot in the summer, I never get motivated to do much. But this summer I'm more determined!

  2. This is a great list: so much fun! Enjoy your family and your summer! The best wishes to the most organized and proactive Mom ;)Are you planning to blog about the ones that you'd do?

  3. Thanks! We're excited about our list!
    Yes, I'm going to take pictures and blog about our summer fun. I'm thinking about putting together a photo book of our summer crafts and trips.

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