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I’m always on the hunt for good Bible study materials to use with my crew so I was happy to have the chance to review a product from Christianity Cove!
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What is it?
Christianity Cove contains articles, ideas, and other tools for teaching Bible lessons and stories to children.  They have products for Sunday School lessons, skits, crafts, object lessons, Bible games, and Children’s Church activities.  

The goal of Christianity Cove is to make Bible lessons simple and effective using easy-to-do activities or inexpensive games and craft ideas.  The materials are geared to help students understand the lessons and apply them to situations in today’s world.  The products range from supplemental activities and ideas to enhance a lesson to full lesson plans with crafts and game ideas.

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What does it include?
We had the opportunity to review the Fruits of the Spirit Activity Pack which retails for $19 for the PDF download of the materials.  This activity pack is geared for children ages 4-12.

The Fruits of the Spirit Activity Pack includes:

  • 2 object lessons – one using grapes and raisins and one using seeds and weeds
  • 3 games – one is to jump rope and say the Fruits of the Spirit in a jump rope tune
  • 1 worksheet in which scenarios are presented and the child must choose which quality is represented
  • 2 craft ideas – one in which the child creates small trees with decorative fruit and another craft in which the child makes baskets out of paper cups and putting small fruit made of playdoh inside
  • 1 gift idea – the child creates jars of candy fruits to take home
  • 1 song – the Fruits of the Spirit are sung to a familiar tune
  • 2 snack ideas – one for fruity popsicles and another for placing different fruits on a plate to create the shape of an octopus
  • 1 science experiment – an experiment is conducted to discover why apples turn brown
  • 3 worksheets – one coloring page, one word search, and one unscramble the letters page

The object lessons are scripted so the teacher knows exactly how to word the questions.  All craft and snack supplies are listed with step-by-step instructions for each game, activity, or craft.

How did we use this product?
I used this product with Curly.  I had planned to do a mini Bible study with just her as a special time together.  We worked through the lessons and activities together while the other kids had some quiet time.  We started with the object lessons to introduce the topic and then I chose games, crafts, and worksheets based on her interest level. 

What didn’t we like?
I didn’t find that there was much teaching content.  Most of the material pertains to games, crafts, snacks, and activities.  I was hoping for an indepth look into the Fruits of the Spirit to use as a study guide with Curly.  I found the content to be very light and the material to be geared for a very young age group.  Curly found the script to be condescending at times and better suited for a younger child.

The crafts and games were all tied into the theme of fruit but didn’t really help Curly further understand the Fruits of the Spirit.  The games didn’t do much to teach the concept other than help the child remember the names of the Fruits of the Spirit.

Many of the games and activities revolved around food.  Snack ideas were included.  I found that I could not complete the first object lesson because items were called for such as yogurt, dried coconut, and walnuts.  Those are all allergens for my kids and those foods don’t come into my home.  I found it difficult to improvise for that object lesson.  In addition, the activities revolving around fruit meant I had to find a few substitutions because we have some fruit allergies at our house.  I would have liked more ideas that didn’t include eating and dealing with fruit. 

Some of the activities were better suited for a group and were difficult to do with just one child.  For example, the game where you have to see which fruit is missing was not much fun with just me and Curly participating.

What did we like?
The activity pack was more of a starting point for us to dive into a deeper discussion of the Fruits of the Spirit and what they meant to Curly.  I think this topic is great for the younger age group and is a good start for developing strong character.  

The Activity Pack had a wide range of ideas and activities with crafts, games, projects, science experiment, and worksheets so it is easy to adapt it to the interests of your child, using what is most helpful and relevant for you.

What did we think overall?
I think this product is not quite what I envision in terms of a Bible lesson.  I prefer a lesson that is rich in content and includes difficult topics or concepts that are clearly explained.  It’s a bonus if there are fun activities or other ideas to correspond.  But I prefer to have my lessons revolve around content rather than fun extras.

For our house, this activity pack did not have enough in-depth Bible study and we were left wanting to explore the topic further.  We also found that the crafts and activities were more difficult to do in a small setting and were more busy-work than a tool to enhance our understanding of the topic.

This product would work well in a small group setting and I think would be a fun project for young elementary students.


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  1. I agree that the age range of this should be early elementary. We enjoyed it with my 5 and 8 year old, and don't have food allergies so that def helped. I didn't realize the amount of food activties until you mentioned that.

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