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We had a fun review that added a new game to our game closet!  We reviewed the Art Ditto Game from Birdcage Press!

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What is it?
Birdcage Press is a company started by a mom to create high quality games that bring nature, history, and art alive for students.  They also publish numerous art books like Gallery Ghost and Van Gogh and Friends.

What is included?
We received the Art Ditto game which is geared for ages 4 and older and retails for $24.95.
Art Ditto is a game of memory using cards of art work by various artists depicting birds, boats, cats, flowers, and horses. 

The game includes 48 small picture tiles with two of each painting.  There are also 8 large picture collection cards.  The collection cards have a closeup of the painting on one side with the name of the artist and the year the work was painted.  The back of the cards has a view of the entire painting with the name of the work at the bottom.  The name of the painting is included in 4 different languages.

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How do you play?
There are two options for play.  You can play memory by using the small picture tiles and trying to find the matching pairs.
The second option uses the collecting cards.  Each player chooses one or more collecting cards until all cards are taken.  Then each player tries to find matches among the small picture cards that correspond to the pictures on the large collecting cards.  If you find a matching pair the do not correspond to your card, you keep one of the tiles but give the other tile to the player with that picture on his or her collecting card.  The object is to be the first to find all the matching pairs that correspond to your collecting cards.

My kids preferred to play this second way, using the collecting cards.  They were very competitive as they worked to find their matching pairs.  And I will be honest, we had quite a few fits when another player found one of their pairs and they only received one of their picture tiles.  

What didn’t we like?
Nothing!  Beautiful art plus games – what’s not to like?

What did we like?
The pictures are beautiful and colorful.  The cards are good quality so that they will last.

The larger cards have information about the artist and the title of the painting.  My kids enjoyed reading the information and seeing familiar names of artists such as Van Gogh.

What did we think overall?
My kids really enjoyed this game.  We played it over and over and over and they didn’t tire of it.  There are quite a few picture cards to match so it was quite challenging for both Bee and Tiger.
I found this to be a great tool for introducing the works of different artists and for cultivating an appreciation for art.  We look forward to playing this game again and again as well as trying some other products for this company!  I think we might have to try one of their books next!

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