Plan 2013: The Extras


Curly is going to work on her typing skills (or lack thereof…).

Dance Mat Typing – This is a free program from BBC that is a fun typing instruction program.  Curly has worked with it in the past so we’ll continue practicing.  She still needs some more gentle practice before starting a more rigorous program.
Typing Instructor for Kids – Once Curly is more comfortable with the keyboard, we might try this program to improve her speed and accuracy.  She may not be ready until next year but we’ll try it out and see what she thinks.


We love doing logic puzzles and workbooks at our house!

Dr. DooRiddles A – Bee will do this workbook with me orally.  I’ll read the riddles and we’ll figure them out together.  

Mind Benders Beginning
Lollipop Logic 1 and 2
First Time Analogies
Math Analogies Beginning

Logic Safari Book 2
Detective Club
Primarily Logic
Primarily Thinking
Mind Benders Book 3
Connections Introductory

I would also love to find a cooking curriculum that we could adapt for our food allergies.  I want to cover food prep and kitchen safety.

And I’d like to cover health and safety as well as etiquette.  I wish I could find something very simple to use as a guide to make sure we don’t miss any important topics.

Of course, I’d have to find time to fit this all in first!

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