Plan 2013 – Math

We have loved our math plan for the past few years so we’re not changing much – just moving forward to a new level.


MEP Reception – I’ll be printing this free curriculum for Bee.  We’ll work though it at her own pace.  If she finishes it early we’ll slowly move into Right Start A.


Right Start A – Tiger has already begun level A and is about halfway through.  We’ll work to complete this level, doing half a lesson each day.  If he finishes, we’ll move into level B.
MEP Level 1 – Tiger will begin this over the summer and do at least Part A.


She does a combination of 3 programs.
Right Start C – This is our core program.  Curly will work through half a lesson to one full lesson each day.
Math Mammoth – She will complete several pages of Math Mammoth each week, working independently while I work with either Bee or Tiger.
MEP Level 2 – Curly will work on MEP on Fridays with me (and maybe more often).

Why we chose these programs:

MEP – MEP is a free British program.  And who can argue with free??  It promotes wonderful problem-solving skills and conceptual math.  The problems really cause the kids to think and they feel like they are solving puzzles.  It’s fun, out-of-the-box thinking!

Right Start – I love Right Start because it gives me great direction for teaching.  And what would we do without the manipulatives??  They have been wonderful for making the math concepts concrete and understandable.  I love the focus on understanding the why of each math problem.  This program also heavily emphasizes mental math.  This has been a wonderful math foundation for us.  It might be time intensive for me to teach, but I think it will be worth it when the kids get into higher math but are able to mentally and conceptually figure out many math problems.

Math Mammoth – This math is very straightforward and written to the student.  Curly can complete the pages independently.  It’s wonderful review and gives he extra practice for the math concepts she has learned.  This is our supplemental program that can be done without my help.  I consider each worksheet almost like an evaluation – they give me great insight into what Curly has really understood.  This is our practice!

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  1. I am just starting to work on my fall plans and I have been thinking about using MEP for my preschoolers this year as well. I love these curriculum plan posts you are doing! I will be looking over your other choices as I plan.

  2. MEP has been fun. It's very different and nothing like the traditional textbook programs. I think it's sometimes a little strange but my kids have learned a lot from it. It's a bit of a learning curve when you start using it. It has really forced Curly to think outside the box and it challenges her. She calls it "puzzle math"

  3. Looking through the MEP curriculum it seems to cover all of the same concepts we work on in K4 Math, but it seems to introduce things in a slightly different way. I'm looking for a change of pace so I think it just might work for us. We will take it slow and combine it with some of our trusty favorites. Did Bee work in any specific Math curriculum this past year? I am still trying to decide if I want to continue what we have been doing with the K3 group or change that as well.

  4. Bee used the Hands on Thinking Skills book from Critical Thinking Company. We played with the manipulatives, worked on patterns, practiced counting, and learned shapes. It was laid back and didn't take much time. I think she'll enjoy the MEP Reception this year. And then we'll go into Right Start as our main curriculum. But I still supplement with MEP because it's fun. I can't choose just 1!

  5. I can never just choose one, either! We will definitely still be using all of our fun hands on Math supplies with our K4s as usual. We have never used any type of Math curriculum at all for our K3 group. We work on all of the things you mentioned with K3 but never really base it on any type of schedule or plan. However, I feel that my incoming K3s might need a little more structure than previous groups.

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