Plan 2013: Bible

Bible time is some of my favorite time spent together.  I usually do Bible with the 3 older kids all together.  I’m so blessed that they enjoy learning about the Bible!

Bible Study Guide for All Ages – This is our Bible curriculum and we have used it for the past two years.  This will be year 3!  The kids love the worksheet pages with cartoon illustrations.  The program has great review and my kids remember the Bible stories so well.  I love that it teaches beyond just the typical Bible stories and that we have delved deep into the lives of Saul, David, Solomon, and Paul.

Tiger and Bee will use the Beginner pages and Curly will use the Intermediate pages.  We also have the Beginner Timeline, Song CD, and Bible Book Summary Cards.

We will do 1 lesson per day 4 days per week until we make it through the Year 3 materials.

We will also read through several story Bibles together such as the Child’s Story Bible.

I will also be reading through Our 24 Family Ways and Leading Little Ones to God.

We will also be doing character studies using products from We Choose Virtues.  I have their Parenting Cards and their Virtue Flash Cards.  I’m thinking that we will cover 1 virtue per month

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  1. Thanks for this post… just was a I was looking for (I was curious about the Bible study guide for all ages… and looking for character training resources). 🙂

  2. We really enjoy it! My kids have learned so so much from it! I love that it teaches both the familiar Bible stories and the lesser known passages. I have learned so much from going through it with them!

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