Plan 2013: Art

Art is our very most favorite thing to do right now.  Not a day goes by that we aren’t coloring, painting, cutting, chalking, or creating.  We have some fun art plans for this year.

Atelier Art Level 2 – Everyone will participate in this program together.  I love that the lessons are on DVD and I don’t have to do anything other than get the supplies ready.  The kids love watching the teacher and carefully following each step.  It’s been such a big hit here.

Artistic Pursuits book 3 – We’ve used the previous books and learned about many different artists, looked at examples of their works, and created art in the same style.  This is a fun program that is easy to use but it is very teacher-directed. 

See the Light Art – This was a product that we reviewed through the Homeschool Crew.  We loved it!  So, I have to get more DVD’s for the kids.  We’ll use the Biblical series for right now and if Curly is ready we might move into one of the other lesson series.

Mark Kistler – Curly enjoys the drawing instruction on his site (and the free youtube videos).  If she exhausts the free samples then we might have to get a subscription to the site.  His lessons are fun and silly but Curly has learned about shading and other drawing techniques.  I’ve been quite impressed with her drawings!

Mary Ann Kohl – I think we’ll need to get another one of her books for art inspiration.  We’ve had fun using her preschool art books in the past.

Pinterest – Of course we’ll find lots of fun arts and crafts ideas on Pinterest that we’ll just have to try!

Deep Space Sparkle – I really enjoy this art blog and I turn to it often for ideas.

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