Life at Our House

I haven’t blogged lately and for good reason.  We’ve had some craziness going on here!  So, here’s a little update and a behind-the-scenes look at our past few weeks.

We’re moving!  Yes, I’ve blogged about it before, but the date is fast approaching and I’m just not ready!  We’re packing boxes, organizing, cleaning out, throwing away, donating, and setting up movers.  We can start moving on the 17th.  This means that we have until then to be mostly packed.  My hubby is taking the week off to help with the move and my parents are taking the 4 oldest kids back to Oklahoma for a visit.  Punkin and I will be supervising the move and doing lots of unpacking.

We’ve also had really fun things going on with our current rent house.  We had crazy move in issues.  My hubby was locked out of the neighborhood one night because the rental place gave us wrong gate codes.  Our gate remotes didn’t work (and still don’t).  We just had an all-around difficult time communicating with the rental place in getting some issues resolved at our move in.  Then several months ago we had a leak from an upstairs bathroom that leaked through the ceiling into a downstairs bathroom.  That was icky!  We had plumbers and contractors in and out for a week while things were fixed, patched, and painted.  The past 2 weeks we’ve had problems with our hot water heater.  I was in the shower one night and suddenly the hot water was gone.  That was a very unpleasant surprise!!  The plumber came out the next day but within a week we were without hot water again.  Another visit from the plumber.  And then it happened 2 more times!  Yes, on four separate days we were out of hot water and had to do without baths and showers.  Guys, it’s 90 degrees outside.  Showers are not optional!  Thankfully we had some sweet friends who live nearby who let us use their shower!  After 4 visits from the plumber we’ve had hot water for a week now.  I’m hoping it lasts!!

On the day that our hot water heater went out the second time, I was sick.  My hubby went in late to work so he could help me out with the plumber situation.  On his way to work, he had car trouble and spent the next hour at the dealership.  He ended up with a rental car so he could get to work – he was only 5 hours late.  That was a long, long day!!

I’m sure if you’ve watched the news at all you’ve heard about the state of Oklahoma and the disastrous tornadoes they’ve had lately.  Well, my entire family lives in Oklahoma.  This girl is an Okie native.  I have been stressed out watching the storms pound the very towns where they live.  I’ve streamed live coverage to keep up with the storms and then texted them while they hunkered down in their storm shelter below their garage.  It has been heartbreaking to watch the recovery process and talk to friends and family who are volunteering.

Tiger had a little ice skating accident last week.  He was supposed to be wearing his hockey helmet while skating – but you know how boys are………..He took his helmet off and fell face first on the ice.  He split his chin wide open.  I was at home with the 2 little girls while dad took the big kids skating.  I got a call from my hubby about Tiger’s chin and they headed home.  I was worried that he might need stitches so I took him to the urgent care.  Sure enough his cut was wide and jagged and required several stitches to keep it closed.  I had the very fun experience of sitting with him while they numbed his chin and stitched him up.  He was a champ and did great but I was trying to keep calm.  I’m terrified of needles!  I was trying hard not to watch!  His chin has healed very well and he was just able to have the stitches removed.  This is his second set of stitches in his little life.  I wonder how many more times I’ll have to do this?  I also wonder why I’m always elected to make the ER and urgent care visits? 

We’ve also had a field trip fail and a vacation fail……..but those are topics for another post.

So, there’s what’s been going on at our house.  It’s just small things in the scheme of life.  We’re so blessed.  But I haven’t felt like blogging even though I have many posts in the works. 

On the school front, we’ve done great this year.  Nearly every subject is now finished for the summer and we’re just enjoying a few extra things while we pack and get ready to move.  We’re spending most of our time swimming or taking little field trips.  It feels good to be mostly done!

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