Field Trip Fail

I took the kids on our first big field trip since Punkin was born.  This was my first big trip without Prince Charming’s help.  We went to Sea World!

We made it to the Sea Lion Show!
Ladybug was not impressed.

Tiger and Bee rode the Shamu roller coaster.  Curly had a complete meltdown fit about riding it.  She said she wanted to ride it and then changed her mind.  A simple “no thank you” would have been enough but Curly lives by the motto “Go big or go home!”  Yeah, I was rather embarrassed.

Then all 3 big kids rode the Big Bird eggs.  Curly decided that she could handle this one.

So exciting!  (Longest ride ever!!!)

We met Franklin the Turtle.  Who on earth is he?  We don’t have TV so I’m sure that’s why I have no idea.  I bet there are books about him.  But who really cares………he was dorky.

Bee was hot but fashionable.

Curly was cheerful (after the roller coaster thing).

Tiger had fun!

Sorry, no picture of Ladybug because at this point she was screeching in the stroller.  She wanted me to carry her, then she wanted down, then she wanted up, then she wanted in the stroller, then she wanted to walk, then she wanted a drink.  And that’s when I decided that *I* wanted to leave and Mom overrules everyone else.  So, she was strapped in the stroller and whisked toward the gates.  She was distracted by the giant Shamu mascot walking around (until she decided he was terrifying).

So, what was the fail?  Overall it was a successful trip.  The failure was that we almost didn’t make it to Sea World and there were a few small fails once we made it inside the gates…..

I haven’t been to Sea World in a few months.  I couldn’t remember exactly which highways to take – there are so many choices!  It’s hard to remember all those numbers!  So, I plugged Sea World into the map on my phone and set out to follow that little blue line.  Halfway there I felt unsure.  I looked down at my phone and the navigation had shut off.  I hit “route” and made sure I was on the blue line.  I was glad I had checked because I was supposed to take the next exit.  However, 15 minutes later nothing looked familiar at all.  I began to think I was losing it.  The kids were restless in the back seat and I was lost.  I looked up at the compass in my rear view mirror and it said I was going north east.  Awesome!  Sea World is south west of my house so there was no reason for me to go north east – ever!  I called my hubby who was in a meeting!  No!  I turned around so I could at least head south.  He finally called me back and told me which highway to take and which way to turn.  I was glad to have his help so I could stop panicking.

I made it to Sea World just as the gates were opening.  The place was packed!  There were SO many tour buses full of school kids.  The gate attendants were so slow!  The line at the entrance was out to the parking lot.  A lady in line was terribly rude to me as she thought I was going to cut in front of her (which is REALLY tough to do when I’m standing behind her!).  She ripped into me about how she didn’t want to get separated from her party.  I was exhausted from the stressful drive and it was already ridiculously hot so I think I just gave her the death stare.  I didn’t trust myself to open my mouth.  A few minutes later she apologized.  I tried to smile.  She said she was just worried that she would be separated from her group.  She’s there with her husband and 1 child.  I’m there alone with 5 small people.  I didn’t have much sympathy for her plight.

We finally made it to the front of the line and it was time to be searched.  I just love when they dig through my diaper bag!  Ugh!  Then the guy kept trying to look under the stroller in the baskets even though I said there was nothing in there.  I had to tell him that 5 times before he gave up.  Then we made it through the gates and past the over-eager photographers.  I drug the kids behind me so that we could make it to the show.  We were nearly trampled by some scruffy and totally impolite teenagers who were with one of the school groups.  We grabbed a row of seats and sat down.  I stared down anyone who tried to come near our row.  Then I started nursing Punkin.  That always scares off the dads and no one even though about approaching our row and crowding us.  Take that!

The kids enjoyed the show – Ladybug enjoyed parts of it but was getting a little antsy.  It did not help that the family behind us brought the grandma along.  That woman would not close her mouth.  She narrated every, single, aspect of that stupid show.  “See the Sea Lion??!!  Ohh, look!  The Sea Lion ate a fish!  See the Sea Lion!  He’s jumping!  Ohh, look!  What is that?  Look!  What is that?  Isn’t it cute?  What is that little creature?”  That’s when his son-in-law sighed and told her under his breath that it was an otter.  Wow!  Thank you for giving me a play-by-play of the Sea Lion show!  As if we can’t see and hear it!

Curly had her epic panic attack at the Shamu ride and I think the entire crowd though I was forcing her to ride.  It had been her idea!  Bee enjoyed the ride though!  Then we rode the horrible Big Bird Ferris wheel which is the slowest ride in the history of the world.  I stood in the sun FOREVER waiting for that thing to go all the way around.  It could not end soon enough!

Then we met Franklin.  My kids did not care!  The park workers kept trying to get them to take a picture but my kids would NOT look at the camera.  Ladybug became terrified of Franklin and kept trying to run away.  So, we all ended up chasing her down the path where I had to strap her in the stroller for lack of cooperation.  At that point, I was so very done with Sea World.  The a/c in the car felt so good!  And I did NOT get lost on my way home!

My husband thought I was absolutely crazy that I could not find Sea World and I swore that it was my phone’s fault and not mine!  He checked out my map feature and guess what?  That “smart” phone routed me wrong!  For some reason there was a purple pinned location (apparently created by me at another time – on accident I’m sure) and my phone was just determined to take me to that spot rather than the actual location of Sea World.  My husband deleted that location (and we still have no idea what it was) and no my phone takes me straight to Sea World. 

I took a nap that day.  It was much needed and well deserved!  But, we will make it to Sea World again!  I can do this!

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  1. I came home with a migraine after a very early home education trip involving the London public transport system, a baby, a toddler and an 8 year old. It gets better! This did bring back memories though.

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