Daily Chore Time

I’ve tried different chore charts and calendars to help us stay consistent with doing daily chores.  So far, nothing has worked.  All of my systems are way too complicated and they get dropped within a few weeks.  So I have again revamped our chore chart.  I’ve made it extremely simple.

The chores are broken up by time of day in which they are to be completed.  We have morning, afternoon, and evening chores.

There are 3 chores for each time period to make remembering what to do a little easier. 

I typed all the chores on one sheet of paper.  There are no complicated charts, systems, stickers, or multiple pieces of paper.  I don’t even have to find a pen so they can check things off.  Everything is printed on one cardstock page for easy reference.

We kept the chores simple because I want them done correctly.  I want the chores done well and done on a daily basis.  These are the chores that I want to become a daily habit at our house.


Make bed – The day starts best when the beds are made and all the stuffed animals are put away.  I hope one day this will become a habit.  There’s nothing worse than crawling into an unmade bed in the evening!

Brush teeth – One day I hope that I no longer have to remind my kids to brush teeth!

Laundry away – My husband and I often fold laundry late at night and leave little piles of clean clothes right outside everyone’s doors.  In the morning, they are to take those neat little piles and put them away before they get strewn about the entire house.  I don’t want to know how many times I’ve rewashed clean clothes because they simply weren’t put away!


Clean kitchen table – After lunch the kids have the job of spraying and wiping down the table and chairs while I read to Ladybug.  It’s amazing how sticky and gross the table gets even after just a few meals.

Pick up room – The kids rotate playing in their rooms with Ladybug while I work on school with them.  By lunch time their rooms are pretty disastrous.  They spend some time picking up before and after lunch so that we can actually walk through their rooms.

Clean living room – While I make lunch, the kids play with legos in the living room.  Before we head back upstairs for afternoon school, the kids have to put away any toys that are not currently attached to their ongoing lego/block city.  I don’t ever want to step bare-footed on a lego again!


Clothes to hamper – Every night I have the kids bring in all their dirty clothes into the large hamper in our bathroom.  That way I can always start a fresh load of laundry first thing in the morning.  My sweet hubby usually starts the load on his way out the door to work.  By evening, we have clean clothes to fold.

Brush teeth – Yes, I have to remind them again to brush their teeth.

Clean homeschool room – After a day of school or of simply playing and doing art projects, the homeschool room is a wreck.  Everyone has to work together to throw away all the trash, put away art supplies, put books back on shelves, and clear off the tables.  There is nothing worse than starting a new school day and not being able to see the floor or the table tops.

Here’s our chart.  The beauty is the simplicity!  I don’t have any complicated system.  Everyone pitches in and helps out around our house.  And now I don’t have to remind them daily!

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