Chore Zones

We have our daily chore list of the simple things that need to be done each day.  But getting to the
deep cleaning…….that has been tough!  So, I’m taking an idea from the Duggars and dividing the chores into “jurisdictions” or zones.  Everyone will be responsible for one job or one area.  This will hopefully cut down on the amount of cleaning that has to be done on the weekends. 

Curly is in charge of bathrooms.  Our new house has 4 bathrooms and each day she will tackle one bathroom.  She’ll wipe counters, clean toilets, wipe down tubs, and clean the mirrors.  On the last day she’ll take all the rugs to the laundry room to be washed and then she’ll mop the floors in all bathrooms.  She often cleans the bathrooms for me and she actually enjoys doing it – and does a great job!  So, we’ll start her with bathroom duty for now.

Tiger likes to run the vacuum.  He’s proud that he’s strong enough to push it around the house.  So, he will rotate vacuuming the upstairs and downstairs.  On Fridays he’ll be in charge of mopping in the kitchen. 

Bee is the duster!  She will dust upstairs and downstairs and on the remaining days of the week she’ll dust blinds, windowsills, and the base boards.

I’m not exactly sure what Ladybug will do.  I think we’ll work with her on emptying her hamper into ours and putting her toys away in her toy bench.

My hubby is in charge of taking the trashes out and folding the laundry and I’m in charge of the kitchen – cooking, cleaning, and dishes.

My goal when we move is to spend the first month in our new house training the kids on their chores.  This means that we’ll do them all together so I can make sure they are getting the job done.  Is it too much to hope that eventually they’ll be able to do a decent job on their own and I won’t be so ridiculously behind on house work?

Here’s our chart of chore zones.  As the kids get older, the zones and responsibilities will change.  But for now, I hope my house stays a tiny bit cleaner as everyone helps out!

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  1. Lexi, good luck with chores training! Sometimes it's easier to do it yourself then to teach them! You are an awesome Mom! I hope everybody will enjoy the team work at your house 🙂

  2. Well, we'll see how it goes! It is such hard work to teach them to do things. It takes much more work on my part to help them do a good job. But we're really going to try to keep up with the new house!

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