Year Round Homeschooling

We homeschool all year long here at Lextin.  Our school year usually starts in August with a full fall schedule.  We take a long break for Christmas and Thanksgiving.  We start back up in January and school through the spring with lots of outdoor time when we have nice weather.  Then we school during the summer doing some review, practicing math and reading, and doing fun unit studies and lapbooks in between our swimming time.

Why do we homeschool year round?

  • We can take extra breaks throughout the year as we need them.
  • We can take long holiday breaks and take the day off for birthdays!
  • We can have extra field trips.
  • The kids can have more play time during the day because I know we have more time to finish our curriculum.
  • So we can add in more fun extras while taking some time off from our regular schedule – we can do more art, music, unit studies, lapbooks, and read alouds.
  • We can take extra time on art or history projects, knowing that we will have time over the summer to get caught up.
  • We like to move at our own pace through curriculum.
  • We can take time to continue to work on a topic until it’s mastered.
  • We don’t lost all our learning over the summer.
  • We can stay in a routine throughout the year.
  • We don’t have to spend much of our school time in the fall reviewing old material because we have continual review.

I do try to have an “end date” in May when we try to have our main studies done.  This allows us to have a change of pace for the summer with a lighter load of math and reading with lots of extra projects and read alouds.  We also have an official “start date” of our new school year.  We usually start in August.  The kids like having the official first day of school and the excitement of starting new books and curriculum.  But there have been times when a subject was finished very early in our school year and we simply moved ahead to the next level in the middle of our year.  We’ve also taken weeks off for special studies or interest-led learning.  We love the flexibility!

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  1. We don't do year round homeschooling because one of ours was initially schooled and is used to terms/beginning/end of year but it is a concept that is very appealing. Last year, one of my younger children got fed up with the summer and asked to start early. This year, I'm hoping to build in a bit of gentle learning over the summer.

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