Small Talk

Tiger doesn’t love his phonics instruction.  He would rather do math!  I always give him the choice of which to do first during our school time.  Math is always first.

One day after math I pulled out his phonics curriculum.  He sighed, “I’m not fond of this.”
Such a polite way to put it!

At dinner one night we were having a discussion about when the kids were born.  I asked Bee if she remembered the day she was born.  She enthusiastically answered, “YES!!”  I asked her how she was feeling on that day.  Her reply, “Cranky!”
I do believe she does remember that day!

We were taking a walk through our neighborhood one evening and my kids were on their scooters while we pushed the stroller.  We saw a neighborhood boy whiz past us on his motorized scooter while looking at my kids like they were crazy.  Tiger was watching him with interest and then he pointed at the boy and yelled, “Mom, he’s not getting any exercise!!!”

When I ask my kids to do something (pick up their laundry, put on jammies, put away toys) I often give them a time limit.  They tend to lose focus quickly and forget what I asked them to do within seconds of me asking them.  So, I’ve started counting down to blast off.  They love when it’s a race and they try to see who can finish first.
“Put away your clothes.  10 seconds to blast off.  10, 9, 8…..”
The other night I asked them to go put their jammies on so we could read a book together.  They moved very slowly toward their rooms.  Ladybug watched them and yelled, “8, 9, 8, 9, 8, 9!!!”
She has learned the drill!

Bee was upset with me the other day when I asked her to put a toy away.  She looked at me with a scowl and said, “I don’t like you!”  I smiled and answered, “I really, really like YOU!”
She pouted, “Why?”
“Because you’re my Bee and I love you!”
She frowned and said, “I am NOT your Bee!  I am God’s!!!”
Truth!  How precious that she is proud to be claimed by God!

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