Our Weekend Plans

I don’t often update on all the little details of life here at Lextin but we’ve had quite a busy last few days so I thought I’d post about all the changes that are coming.

We received a phone call that our landlords wanted to sell our rent house.  This means that we have to move rather than renew our lease!  Not what we wanted!!

So, we started looking for homes online and contacted our old realtor.  He was going to show us some homes the following evening.  We even had a babysitter!  On our way to meet him he texted us that he could not make it.  He bailed on us!!  Not professional!  (And he hasn’t called us since that day!)

After our house hunting fail on Friday night, we printed off our favorite homes and drove past them on today.  We were able to rule out several and pick a few top choices.  We called the realtor on our favorite home and she sweetly offered to help us look at a few rent houses on Sunday afternoon. 

We hope to see our top 3 choices on Sunday and get in an application by Monday morning.  We’re looking at a possible move date of mid-June (but we’re not sure yet).  Guess that means I need to get packing!

After just starting work on our homeschool room for next year, Lextin Academy is relocating!  I’ll blog as much as I’m able between packing and moving but right now our focus is on finishing our current school year, moving, and getting settled in our new house. 


It has not been a fun weekend and I’m already exhausted just thinking about all the changes!

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