Bible Study Guide For All Ages

This is our second year using Bible Study Guide for All Ages.  We love it!

The program is divided into 4 Units.  Each Unit contains 104 Bible Lessons (a full year’s worth of Bible study).  You continue to cycle through the same 4 units through your child’s school years, going into the higher levels for deeper study as your student is ready to progress.

Right now I have Tiger and Bee in the Beginner Level and Curly doing the Intermediate Level.  The program is designed to work with children of all ages since you are studying the same Scriptures, just at different ability and comprehension levels.

This year we are working through Unit 2 which covers:

  • Jesus’ death, burial, resurrection, and ascension
  • The early church in the first of Acts
  • Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
  • David and Solomon
  • Elijah
  • James
  • I and II Peter
  • I, II, and III John
  • Jude
  • Revelation

The full scope and sequence is on their website.

In addition to the student pages, I have the CD, the Beginner Timeline Cards, and the Bible Summary Cards.

The Beginner Pages have a coloring page on the front that corresponds to the application story.  There is also a section of review questions to ask as well as a short intro or object lesson to introduce the story.
The back of the Beginner Pages has cartoon boxes to illustrate the story.  The left hand side of the page has the summary of the story to correspond with each numbered box.

The Intermediate Pages require quite a bit more reading.  The front of the pages has an indepth review section and a short lesson intro that contains helpful vocabulary words or other context information.  The next parts of the front page are meant to be completed after the lesson for that day.  These sections are either a map or timeline (these rotate daily), a review section that pertains only to that day’s lesson, and an application story or lesson.
The back of the Intermediate Pages has the lesson content.  The left hand side contains all the instructions for completing the boxes.  Each box illustrates part of the story for that day.  The Scripture reference is in the top corner of each box.

The CD contains Bible memory songs (the apostles, the judges, the kings) as well as other Bible songs (This Little Light of Mine, He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands).

The Beginner Timeline has pictures for each of the major events throughout the Bible.  Each card has a short question (Who was the prophet swallowed by a whale?) for the child to answer using the picture clue.

Each Bible Summary Card contains a pictorial summary of each book of the Bible with a brief outline on the back.  The back also contains review questions.

Here’s how we use the program:
We begin our time with some quick review work of our songs, timeline cards, or summary cards.  I have my timeline and summary cards page-protected in a giant binder so we can quickly flip through them.  We either sing a few songs, review the entire beginner timeline, or pick a couple Bible summary cards to review.

Curly works on her worksheet review at the top of her lesson page.  I read the review questions from the top of Tiger and Bee’s page and they answer them orally.

I read the short section that introduces our lesson.

We turn our pages over to the back where there is the cartoon pictures to go along with our story.  I read the short summary on Tiger and Bee’s page and help them complete the box.  While they are coloring in that box, I read the passage of Scripture and help Curly complete her box.  We move through each box one at a time, while I switch between the kids to help them.

Once we have completed the entire story for the day, we turn back to the front page.  Curly completes her review section independently.  I read the application story and questions to Tiger and Bee.

Tiger and Bee color their coloring page on the front while I help Curly with either the map or timeline section.

Curly then reads her application section on her own.

Why do I love it?
The program has a lot of depth.  We are reading through Scripture together and learning the details and the context rather than just learning some Bible stories.

We can do our Bible time together!  We are all studying the same Scripture, just at the appropriate levels.

The timeline feature really cements the time frame of events and helps my kids organize Bible stories.

The program promotes memory work through the verses listed on the pages, through the songs, through the timeline and through the summary cards.  My kids can recite all the apostles, all the books of the Bible, and can sing through Jacob’s 12 sons and Israel’s judges.  

There are short application stories at the end of each lesson to help us apply the story to our daily life.

The program has wonderful review through the oral questions I ask Tiger and Bee and through Curly’s written review work on her worksheets.  Their retention is great!

I have learned more using this program than I ever did in all my years growing up in church.  I have caught story details that I’ve always missed before.  I’ve learned about the themes of different books of the Bible and about which Bible figures were contemporaries of each other.  I find I am even challenged when going through Curly’s study with her.  My favorite phrase is, “Well, let’s look it up!”

This has been such a fun and thorough program at our house.  It was a little tricky figuring out how to juggle kids in two levels, but it’s now working beautifully and we are reading entire books of the Bible together.  It’s been such a blessing to read through the Scriptures with my kids!

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  1. Great idea to put the summary cards and timeline into a binder! Such a simple idea that will make this easier for me to use. I'm doing this today!

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