What Can Brown Do For You?

This is a big week at Lextin Academy!  My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary!  

So, with the big anniversary just a few days away, it’s time to get nostalgic.  I’m taking a walk down memory lane.  

Want to hear how we met?  I’m pretty sure my mom had it all planned out………

After attending Baylor University for a year, my hubby decided to move out of his home state of Texas to attend the University of Oklahoma.  That was a great decision on his part!  He worked 2 jobs to put himself through school.  One of those jobs during his junior year was to manage the local UPS store.

I was a homeschooled highschool student just starting to explore my college options.  It was the fall of my senior year and my heart was set on going to school out of state.  I took all the admissions tests, worked on my transcript, did community service projects, and filled out endless application paperwork.  With each application I would complete, I would rush to our UPS store to get the package in the mail.

My mom was apparently the UPS Store expert.  She spent lots of time there mailing packages to family and she had a favorite employee there.  She recommended that I make sure the manager was the person to help me.  When I stopped by, I knew exactly who she was talking about – I couldn’t help but notice him.  He was just so very cute and so sweet.  I might have had a little crush on him (or a big one).  I’m pretty sure my mom had a plan up her sleeve that day.

Well, I became a regular at the store that month with a new application packet each week.  My mom pitched in and did her part by finding things to mail to family and friends.  I needed every excuse I could get to stop by the store.  It wasn’t long before I was on a first-name basis with the manager.  I even found an excuse to make sure he had my phone number – just in case!

After more than a month of stopping by the store on all my little “errands” (and yes they were self-created errands), I had made a new friend who was just as sweet and genuine as I suspected.  Not long after that, I received my phone call.  I had a date!

I’ll never forget the day my phone rang.  It was a Sunday afternoon and I was curled up in bed in my pj pants with a Jane Austen novel.  Thirty minutes later I was out the door leaving a wake of discarded outfits on my closet floor.  He was just getting off work and I was going to meet him at his apartment and we were headed for coffee or maybe slushies; we hadn’t yet decided.  He was waiting outside his apartment when I drove up.  And 2 hours later I had received 10 texts from my dad, to ask when I was coming home and we had still not made a drink decision.  No, we had covered nearly every square inch of the east side of our town, driving aimlessly while chatting about a mile-a-minute.  We had forgotten all date plans amidst our conversation.

So, our first date wasn’t much of a date at all!  He determined to make our next date a little more “official.”  He cooked dinner for me at his place with a few stops beforehand.  Because of his work schedule he hadn’t had time to do laundry all week or go grocery shopping.  So, we hit the laundromat first.  I sat on the washer while he loaded clothes and we chatted.  Next we went grocery shopping together.  Then we headed back to his apartment with three grocery bags and two baskets of laundry.  He cooked while I sat on his kitchen counter and handed him utensils.  Right before we sat down to eat, he grabbed my hands and said a prayer over our meal.  It was at that moment that I just *knew* that I could do this every day.  He was it.

He said he was a little faster on the uptake and that after our first “date” he was thinking about the proposal.  Well, that proposal came just a few short months later.  I was shocked speechless.  He did have to ask me more than once before I could answer.  In order to plan our wedding around school and work schedules we had to either put our wedding off for many months or schedule it for 3 months away.  We went with the shorter time frame.  I spent the spring of my senior year planning our wedding and doing school whenever I had a spare second.  I didn’t quite graduate before the wedding and did have to take an English final when we returned from our honeymoon.  But, hey…I did make an A!

I don’t think anything in our lives together has been remotely traditional or “normal” by any standards.  But here we are!  It’s been 10 years and guess what?  We have a little mailbox at the UPS Store where I drive to pick up all our mail and packages.  Old habits die hard!  I just don’t want to give that one up!

So, what can brown do for you?  A whole lot more than just mail packages apparently!! 

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