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This year I’m joining the Ultimate Blog Party even if I’m really late to the party.  Can I say I’m fashionably late??
Ultimate Blog Party 2013

Welcome to Lextin Academy!

I’m Lexi, daughter of Christ, wife of my superman, homeschool mom to 5 little people and mommy blogger.  I try to carve out a little blog time for myself after bedtime when the house is relatively quiet.  I’m a curricula junkie and love to research homeschool curricula.  So, it’s perfect that I have the opportunity to blog for the Homeschool Review Crew and try out amazing curricula options.

Here at Lextin I blog our favorite curricula choices, give glimpses into homeschooling with littles in tow, share my thoughts about homeschooling, and post pictures of our latest art projects.   This blog is my place to chronicle our adventures and write what I’ve learned along the way.

We’re just starting on our homeschool journey as our oldest is only in first grade.  We’re loving the learning experiences and teachable moments while trying to stay on top the of the clutter and chaos that comes with a houseful of littles mixed with a large dose of messy art projects.  Our little homeschool is an eclectic mixture, leaning more toward classical methods with a heavy emphasis on the arts.

If you want the short version, read about Our Life in 10 Songs

Meet my students:

Curly (age 7) is our oldest and our guinea pig student.  She is the pefectionist who is just too much like me.  She is the sensitive spirit, creator of drama, and bibliophile.  Her perceptive and rather stubborn little nature keeps me on my toes and I’m quite convinced that she’s a born leader or maybe a born lawyer. 

Tiger (age 5) is the only boy in our bunch.  He thinks he’s a knight in shining armor and is part tender hear, part fierce warrior.  He lives to wrestle, is astoundingly athletic, and just “gets” math.  I think he might take after his daddy….He is the quiet one who is lucky to sneak in a few words between the girls’ chatter but he’s pretty profound once you let him have the floor.

Bee (almost 4) is the little imp or pixie child.  She’s pouting one minute and giggling the next-I can barely keep up!  Bee is one busy little thing who is the compassionate caretaker of our bunch.  She’s also our multiple allergy child and despite her medical challenges, always has a smile-she’s one tough little girl!  Bee has become a little practical joker and while she’s quick to tattle, I’ve discovered that she’s often the one who pulled the stunt in the first place.

Ladybug (age 2) is the loud, wild, busy, chubby little toddler.  She’s the one behind all the screaming at our house and she loves to torment her big brother and sisters.  She can get into anything and she’s quite sure that she’s the boss around here.  Ladybug thinks she’s the other mother and she makes sure everyone knows their place.  She’s also quick to give kisses and hugs whether they are wanted or not.  She’s my little mini-me who believes she should always be on my hip or only a step behind me.

Punkin (age 4 months) is our newest addition who is never without attention or doting.  She relishes the attention and has a grin for everyone.  She’s the laid back, chill baby who is happy as long as someone is nearby.  She is my helper and gets to sit in on all the school lessons while munching on her blankie or my pencil.

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