Planning Crisis

I’ve changed how I plan so many times this semester.  This past weekend I’ve gone through another planning crisis.

Here’s the evolution of my planning process from the very beginning up until this week:

  • Plan fun unit studies and lapbooks with projects with lots of craft projects and supplies (This phase was back when I only had 2 kids)
  • Do a few unit studies, following guidelines from a preschool website.  (This was when I had 3).
  • Plan workboxes, filling them every night.  (This was when Curly was PreK).
  • Plan workboxes, filling them once a week-they included all supplies for that week (This was later that same year.  The every night routine got old fast).
  • Start using some real curriculum with a daily grid that I created. (This was K for Curly)
  • Get tired of moving things around on the daily grid and have a weekly grid.  (Later that year)
  • Write assignments in the calendar after they are completed, more like journaling our studies (That would be this year)
  • Write a separate grid for Curly for her independent work and redo schedule once again. (There is not enough of me to go around and Curly now gets to do a few things without me sitting beside her.)

So, here’s how I’ve started planning:

I went through each subject and wrote down how many lessons we have left.  I then looked at how many weeks of school we have left.  (We school year round but often do more unit study type activities through the summer so we try to finish up in May or June).  I did some division and figured out how many lessons we would need to complete per week in order to finish by our goal.  I printed off my little checklist.  It reads something like this for Tiger: Bible – 4 lessons/week, Math – 2 lessons/week, Reading – 1 lesson/week………etc.

I printed off a grid I made that includes each week with the read aloud for Curly and for Tiger listed on the grid.  I was forgetting what books we had already read this year!  So, I put the rest of our books in my grid and now I know what we’re supposed to read each week.

I made a separate grid that listed each week and then I put the rest of Curly’s readers into the grid with about 2 per week.

I made a daily grid for Curly.  There is a box for every subject for each day of the week.  In each box, I typed out what she needed to do for that subject (if anything).  This is her independent work.  It includes some books she needs to read, some independent math pages, some copywork, and some books that I need her to read to either Bee or Tiger.  Now I shouldn’t have to tell her what is left to be done since she’ll have a weekly checklist.  She can work on her checklist while I’m working with Tiger or Bee.

I plan to continue journaling in my planner.  I write how many lessons of each subject we cover per week and write down any extras.  (At least I hope to continue writing it down.  I haven’t been doing a very good job so far).

Basically my planning is set up to just do the next thing.  I spend more of my time printing things off and organizing papers than I do planning things out.  It’s so much easier this way!

3 thoughts on “Planning Crisis

  1. Love it! I find my "plan of attack" changes often as well. I'm up for a new plan soon, maybe we'll try out your way.
    Stopping by from the crew 🙂

  2. Wow, yes! So familiar. My planning stages have definitely evolved with my girls (now 3 of them). I am getting ready to change mine all over again! Especially for fall. =)

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