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I am in the process of creating a memory work binder for our homeschool.  We do our memory work during breakfast for daily review.  Here’s my pretty binder:

I downloaded the binder cover from this site and then edited the words.

So far, I have a grade level section in which I have Bible verses and poetry divided by grade -with 1 item per month.  Often the verses or poems correspond to the seasons or relevant holidays.  But this has not been enough for my kids so we’re going to add in more memory work in more subject areas.

Here are the links to our memory work pages by grade level:
1st Grade
2nd Grade

My new sections are:

  • Bible

Longer Bible passages (whole chapters and maybe even an entire book of the Bible)

  • English/Poetry

Definitions of parts of speech
Extra poems from resources listed at the bottom of this post

  • Math/Science

Skip counting by various numbers
Geometry terms
Science vocabulary definitions

  • History/Geography

Timeline memory work to correspond to our history studies
Continents/Major Oceans
Major countries/Capitols
List of Presidents in order

And many more things as we come across them in our studies.

I’ve organized all the pages in one binder with different tabs.  I page protected each page since we review our work during meals.  We plan to review the grade level work each day and then do review in one of the other subjects each day so that by the end of the week we’ve reviewed work in each section.  To keep track of each child’s progress in each subject I use color-coded sticky notes to flag their place. 

I’m always looking to add more poetry to our homeschool so here’s a short list of books I own and a wishlist of books and curricula I wish I owned:

In my little library……………

My Wishlist……………..

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10 thoughts on “Memory Work Binder

  1. It's simple and very easy to use. Plus, it's easy to clean with the page protectors!

    I love that we do ours during meal time. The kids complain less about doing memory work as we take turns doing it around the table.

  2. I think the mealtime idea is a great idea. We only do AWANA memory work but I have one son who complains about it like crazy. If we were all saying verses around the table I bet he would be more consistent about it.

  3. We have found that breakfast time is the perfect time to do our memory work. We are always eating breakfast together so it helps us stay consistent. And it makes it less boring if the kids can take turns between bites.

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