Memory Lane – My Favorite Stops

I’ve been going through our old pictures and I’m so blessed that my husband and I have 10 years of history together.  I do have a few favorite memories (of our life before children) though…..Here’s my top 10 for our ten year anniversary!

1)  Bet ya didn’t know that we rode motorcycles together!  I was always the passenger (I’m too short to touch the ground……..)  But we had many a late night motorcycle ride together.  I do miss it sometimes!

2)  When we were first married we spent our Saturdays at my grandparents’ house watching college football.  My grandma made sandwiches and dessert and we brought our dog and our dirty laundry.  Could it have been more perfect?

3)  I’m going to come clean on this topic.  Yes, I have a tattoo.  It matches my hubby’s tattoo.  He even took me to go get it (we weren’t even married yet!).  When my dad saw it he told my husband, “No refunds, no returns, no exchanges.” Well, that hasn’t been a problem.

4)  We had a disastrous football experience together that I will never forget.  We went to the Big 12 Championship one year.  It was in Kansas and it was freezing and I had a migraine and we couldn’t find anywhere to get dinner and we got a speeding ticket on the way back.  It was a horrible trip but we can laugh about it today.  I’m just thankful I still have all my toes.  I don’t ever want to be that cold again!

5)  Our marriage has survived building a house!  That was a stressful 6 months.  We spent hours poring over floor plans, picking out extras, and dreaming of the memories we would make in that house.  I’ll never forget building that house and I’m not sure if I ever want to repeat that experience!

6)  One of my favorite, more recent memories, is our version of date night.  With 5 kids we don’t get out much.  And with our food allergic kiddos, restaurants are not very fun.  There are lots of foods that we can’t eat at our house so late at night we order in (or pick up) some contraband and enjoy pizza and ice cream and all the evidence is long gone by morning.

7)  Our first home was a cute little condo.  My hubby conspired with my parents to get me there.  I had a huge surprise when I walked in-it was ours!  I will never forget the shock I felt nor how excited he was.  I still miss that little condo.

8)  When we were dating my hubby worked two jobs – one that was a day shift and one that was a night shift.  He only got a few hours of sleep here and there.  He had to work overnight on Christmas Eve and I decided I would visit him.  I put on a Santa hat and surprised him at work.  I even pulled an all-nighter with him to keep him company.

 9)  My hubby worked long hours and was going to school for his Master’s degree during our second year of marriage.  He took night classes twice a week and I was at home alone working on my undergrad degree.  He wanted to me have someone to keep me company so he let me pick out a dog.  We (ahem, I) chose to rescue an adorable Pomeranian named Wee Lass of Del Rey (I did NOT name her!).  We had her flown to our local airport and got up bright and early one Saturday morning to pick her up.  She was our first child and a very sweet (if slightly demented) little dog.  I still miss my Lassie-poo.  

10)  Our wedding should be my favorite memory right?  The thing I remember most about our wedding was how sunburned my hubby was that day.  His bachelor party?  Golfing!  The one thing he didn’t take with him?  Sunscreen!  Thankfully with lots of aloe and some good lighting our wedding pictures were saved.  He’ll never live that down!

After two fun years together he had a Master’s degree and I was close to finishing my undergrad degree.  He was working at a local bank and I was working at our local university.  Just after our two year anniversary we had the surprise of our lives as we learned we were expecting baby #1!  And we’ve had 8 years of memories made – with little people filling them!

Here we are on our last child-free getaway.  And if I look a little less than cheerful….that’s the morning sickness! 
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