Game Time

Curly and I had a fun evening playing Apples to Apples.  (I really need to get the junior version because so many of the references and words are lost on her).  She has a great time playing the game and picks up on a lot of vocabulary while we play together.

Sometimes her insights are right on!

And some of them are heartwarming!

This did a homeschool mom’s heart good!

4 thoughts on “Game Time

  1. Interesting that the quote on the first day of school card is about fear. It's wonderful that your daughter thinks of it in a much more positive way!

  2. It's sad that our society has taught our kids that school is fearful – and it really is true that school is scary. It should not be that way! School should be challenging and inspiring.

    I was so excited that she felt that way about our school!

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