Work Zone

Lextin Academy is undergoing some renovation this week and some much needed spring cleaning.  Therefore, the blog is taking a break for the rest of the week!

We’ve done some shopping at a big Swedish store…………….

The shopping carts there will drift sideways around corners.  Try drifting through the store with a baby in a front pack carrier and 4 kids on the cart.  Whew!  We got some crazy looks that day! 

I felt kinda awesome in a Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift sort of way…….

The kids were great shoppers and helped us load up the cart!

And our sweet principal is putting everything together.

Next up, clean and organize!

So, I’ll post pics of the room once we’ve made some changes but until then I’m busy!!!

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  1. We'll see how it turns out. We're just adding some different shelves and a new table. It's not a huge redo 🙂 It's a rent house after all……..but I'm hoping it helps me get more done during the day! We're putting together shelves tonight – or should I say my hubby is putting them together. I'm just "supervising"!

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