Picture This!

What do I do all day?  Do you really want to know?  We don’t sit at desks, we don’t raise our hands, we don’t have hall passes, lunch tables, or janitors.  Here’s what homeschooling really looks like in our house!

 Our school day starts with Curly while the little people are still asleep (or are slowly waking up).  We finish as much as we can while the house is quiet.  Math and Language Arts are usually first.
 Working on the science notebook.

 Breakfast is next!

 We work on our memory work at the breakfast table.
 Tiger has his school time next.  We work on his reading and math and I also read his history and science to him.

 Some mornings, Bee works on a few things on her own while I work with Tiger.

 Next is Bee’s turn, we read together and do her letters and math.

 Punkin often joins in and watches us work.
The kids take turns entertaining Ladybug. Today they were super heroes.
 Fooseball tournament while they take turns practicing piano.
 Someone is worn out!

 Lunch time!  They watch a short show while I do dishes and laundry.
 Read aloud time with paper airplanes flying around the room.

 Violin practice for the 3 big kids.

 Bible time while Ladybug naps.
Art time while I clean up.  Then the kids head outside to watch for Daddy!
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2 thoughts on “Picture This!

  1. Thanks! I'm not sure organized is the right word. I didn't take pictures of all the interruptions we had-all the diapers I changed, all the fights I ended, all the arguing I stopped, all the clean up I had to do…….it is never ending!

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